International Syrian Support Group Meets in Munich

International Syrian Support Group Meets in Munich
by Stephen Lendman
Representatives (mostly at the foreign ministerial level) from 17 member countries, the UN, EU and Arab League are meeting in Munich as this is written. 
They’re discussing efforts to resolve Syria’s conflict – Obama’s war, not a civil one as widely misreported, Western propaganda, blaming victims for US-led imperial high crimes.
Chances for progress are virtually nil because Washington wants war, not peace, wanting Western-controlled puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence.
Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin explained Russia will present ideas toward achieving a ceasefire and addressing humanitarian issues, details to be explained later after discussions take place and Washington responds to Moscow’s proposal.
Russia intervened in Syria after its government requested help. Its operations fully comply with fundamental international law principles.
“We are not going to find excuses for our actions,” Churkin stressed. “We are acting very openly” on solid legal ground. “Our Defense Ministry holds daily briefings” on ongoing operations, explaining them candidly.
On Thursday, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Russia has no intention to change its Syrian strategy. It’s committed to continue real war on terrorism, polar opposite America’s phony one.
“We have lately heard advice from the Pentagon on the necessity to change our strategy in Syria to ‘help’ the United States attain political transition of power there,” Konashenkov noted. 
“We will remind especially for such advisors that the aim of our operation in Syria is to destroy terrorism – a direct and clear threat to security of our country and the world.”
The campaign will continue until mission accomplished. Political issues should be resolved by Syrians alone, “not in tranches, but at the negotiating table,” free from foreign interference, Washington’s longstanding way of operating.
“We never had and never will have any other strategies,” konashenkov stressed.
“We have clearly seen over the last five years the (disastrous) results of Washington’s strategies of ‘political transitions’ in the Middle East near Russian borders.” 
“Instead of ‘triumph of democracy’, there is devastation, blood, refugees everywhere. Is this why foreign strategists are now talking about the necessity of launching ground operations in Syria and Libya? Maybe these advisors should stop making the same mistakes over again.”
America’s regional aim involves smashing all independent countries, establishing dominion over them, leaving a devastating trail of mass slaughter and destruction, civilians harmed most.
Russia is committed to working forthrightly for world peace and stability, resolving conflicts diplomatically, supporting mutual cooperation among all nations, according to principles of international law.
Which agenda do you support? Which one deserves high praise? Which other one utter condemnation?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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