Syria Ceasefire Deal in Munich? Hold the Cheers

Syria Ceasefire Deal in Munich? Hold the Cheers
by Stephen Lendman
How can fighting cease when Washington wants it continued, when it deplores peace and wants war, when it continues supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups using them as imperial foot soldiers, when key NATO and regional allies want fighting continued until sovereign Syria is destroyed?
Throughout nearly five years of Obama’s war (it’s not civil and calling it that is part of the grand deception), US determination to transform Syria into another US vassal state remains unchanged – naked aggression the strategy to achieve it.
Obama didn’t launch war in March 2011 to quit. Previous diplomatic efforts to resolve things failed. Nothing suggests this time is different. It’s not.
Don’t be fooled by John Kerry, a notorious serial liar, saying International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) members “agreed to implement a nationwide cessation of hostilities to begin in a target of one week’s time (to) apply to all parties (except) Daesh and al-Nusra and any other terrorist organization designated by the Security Council.”
No agreement among negotiating parties distinguishes between terrorists and other opposition organizations for good reason.
All so-called “rebel” groups in Syria are US-created terrorist ones. Russia is committed to defeating them. So is Assad – the only possible way to end fighting and liberate Syria.
Moscow is still waiting for Washington to respond to its ceasefire proposal submitted days earlier.
Western-appointed UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said no agreement was reached in Munich on which groups are terrorist organizations, except for ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.
“This issue needs longer discussion,” he said. “It won’t be done today,” adding ISSG members didn’t agree on a ceasefire until now.
Agreements are one thing, reality on the ground another. Conflict continues raging with no end in sight.
On Wednesday, Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al Jaafari minced no words blaming America, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar for Geneva III’s failure – “because these countries (don’t) respect the procedures that were agreed on in accordance with” Security Council Res. 2254, he explained.
They undermined talks, assuring they were dead on arrival. Munich discussions changed nothing. A photo-op after they ended showing a frowning Sergey Lavrov, indicating his displeasure.
He explained Russia’s anti-terrorist aerial campaign will continue. The devil is in the details on what was agreed on yesterday, a framework for further discussions. 
What’s most important remains unresolved. Given Washington’s uncompromising regional imperial agenda, chances of achieving a durable ceasefire and resolving Syria’s conflict diplomatically are virtually nil.
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