Obama’s Imperial Syria Balkanization Scheme

Obama’s Imperial Syria Balkanization Scheme
by Stephen Lendman
A previous article discussed dead-on-arrival US/Russia negotiated cessation of hostilities, despite Moscow’s forthright efforts for conflict resolution – impossible without a legitimate peace partner.
Obama wants war, regime change and Syria colonized under US control. His latest twist was planned all along – unacceptable partition, balkanizing Syria for easier control, a dirty scheme demanding rejection.
In Tuesday Senate Foreign Relations Committee testimony, John Kerry called it “Plan B.” He failed to explain it’s been Plan A all along – carving Syria up like Yugoslavia, destroying its sovereignty, flagrantly violating international law.
Given intractable positions on both sides, Russia’s tireless diplomatic efforts for conflict resolution are doomed, impossible to achieve. Washington systematically undermines them.
All anti-government groups are terrorists. No moderate rebels exist. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies.
Putin and Assad vow continued war on terrorism, a righteous mission deserving universal support – the only hope for eventual Syrian liberation. 
Half-way measures won’t work – nor worthless diplomacy with Washington. Its sordid history shows virtually every treaty and agreement reached was flagrantly breached – counterparties irresponsibly blamed.
Believing Syria may be different is pure fantasy. Washington wants its sovereignty destroyed, Assad ousted, his government replaced by US-controlled puppet governance.
Kerry lied, saying “the best way to try to end the war, and this is the only alternative available to us if indeed we are going to have a political settlement” – indicating petition may be the only solution.
Claiming it may be too late to keep Syria whole much longer reveals Washington’s dirty balkanization scheme for easier control – pro-Western puppet governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence.
Negotiating with Washington is a waste of time. A military solution alone can save Syria.
It’s working with steady progress continuing – why Washington desperately wants a cessation of hostilities, to give ISIS and other terrorist groups it supports time to regroup, rearm and add new fighters to their ranks.
The only way to liberate Syria is by smashing them – Putin and Assad maintaining relentless pressure. Nothing else can work. Believing otherwise is pure fantasy.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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