Lavrov Warns About US Undermining Syria Ceasefire Deal

Lavrov Warns About US Undermining Syria Ceasefire Deal
by Stephen Lendman
America’s agenda is notoriously duplicitous. Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials have just cause to be wary. Washington systematically breaches treaties and deals agreed on.
Obama launched war on Syria in March 2011 to replace its sovereign independence with US-controlled puppet governance. 
His objective remains unchanged, the lynchpin of America’s imperial regional agenda, so far effectively foiled by Moscow.
Believing Obama now wants conflict he began resolved diplomatically and peace restored is pure fantasy. 
Agreed on cessation of hostilities is cover for continued US and rogue allies’ support for ISIS and other imported terrorists infesting Syria – buying time, letting them regroup, rearm and add new fighters to their ranks, waging endless war, serving US imperial interests.
On Wednesday, Lavrov criticized attempts by Washington and its allies to undermine ceasefire terms agreed on, saying:
“As soon as the presidents of Russia and the US approved the ceasefire initiative in Syria, voices from Washington and the capitals of US allies began expressing doubts as to the viability of the deal.”
They “sound like calls to war and not to peace,” considering unacceptable alternative options before cessation of hostilities is implemented.
“(L)ots of people (in the West and regionally) want to prevent the normal development of cooperation between Russia and the United States…trying to undermine…Russian-US agreements.”
Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials have good reason to doubt alleged good US intentions. Belligerent hegemons don’t transform themselves into peacemakers.
Former Expatriates Minister, current Assad political advisor Bouthaina Shaaban is called Syria’s face to the outside world – a Western educated Ph.D. in English, former Damascus University academic.
In 2005, the Arab League honored her with “the Most Distinguished Woman in a Government Position” award. 
She serves her nation with honor and distinction, appalled about five years of devastating war, waged by foreign-supported imported terrorists.
They’re not a political opposition, she stresses. They’re “agents of foreign countries…” Syria is governed constitutionally,  respectful of rule of law principles, committed to fighting terrorism, aiming to eliminate it altogether.
Shaaban stresses what I’ve explained often, saying “(t)here is no such thing as moderate terrorist or moderate opposition, because anyone who carries arms is not moderate, anyone who is killing people is not moderate, anyone who is destroying institutions in the country is not moderate.”
Calling foreign-supported cold-blooded killers moderate “has no relation to reality whatever” – why it’s essential to combat this universal scourge without letup, Syria’s main objective, along with “stopping the flow of (foreign) support.”
She blasted appalling Western media propaganda, turning truth on its head, fabricating reports, proliferating Big Lies, suppressing hard reality on the ground – irresponsibly blaming Assad and Russia for the suffering of the Syrian people.
Their liberating struggle continues, resolution nowhere in sight – not as long as Washington wants war, not peace, Syria entirely raped and destroyed.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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