Russia Tables Security Council Resolution Over Possible Turkish Plans to Invade Syria

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February 19, 2016
Obama Endorses Naked Turkish Aggression on Syria
February 20, 2016
Russia Tables Security Council Resolution Over Possible Turkish Plans to Invade Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced it, issuing a statement, demanding an end to continued Turkish provocations, undermining Syrian sovereignty, risking full-scale war.
Aggressive Turkish actions subvert “efforts to launch a political settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic,” she stressed.
Russia’s draft resolution demands an “end (to) any actions that undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, that are at odds with UN Security Council resolution 2254, as well as (interfere) with the launch of the Syrian peace process.”
Daily Turkish cross-border for the past week and limited incursion into northern Syrian territory constitute a flagrant international law breach.
In response to a request by Sputnik News to comment on Syria’s conflict, I wrote the following:
Conditions in Syria are deplorable, as we know. I’ve explained many times in articles that the conflict is Obama’s war – planned, orchestrated and implemented by Washington’s war machine against a sovereign independent country threatening no one – using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as US foot soldiers.
The Security Council should do plenty but won’t because of US veto power, supported by Britain and France. All it’s done is pass a meaningless resolution urging Turkey to stop shelling cross-border.
Action is needed, punitive sanctions, and I’d favor expelling Turkey from the UN as long as megalomaniacal international outlaw Recep Tayyip Erdogan maintains iron-fisted rule, tolerating no opposition and threatening full-scale war on Syria, maybe Iraq to follow – his aim to annex northern Syrian and Iraqi territory.
Wednesday’s Ankara attack was a strategically timed false flag, aiming to give him justification for continuing to slaughter Turkish Kurds, wage war on Iraq’s Kurdish population, as well as escalate conflict in Syria.
A key point is this. Erdogan does nothing belligerent without US permission or complicity. His cross-border shelling of northern Syria and incursion 200 meters inside its territory were approved by Washington.
Syria is a hugely dangerous flashpoint. If Turkish and/or Saudi forces invade beyond border areas, direct confrontation with Russia may follow. 
Putin authorized his commanders in Syria to respond to any threat to Russian personnel in the country, without first asking Moscow for permission.
They can act on their own as conditions warrant. On the one hand, it’s hard imagining America wants war with Russia.
On the other, bipartisan neocon lunatics infesting Washington make the unthinkable possible.
In response to a follow-up question on whether Erdogan in anger over lack of overt US support for his aggression might change the terms of Ankara’s Incirlik base agreement with Washington, I said this:
(C)omments from Erdogan and his clown prince Davutoglu are largely bluster. Without US support, Turkey’s entirely foolhardy but extremely dangerous Ottoman empire delusions will go up in smoke.
They may say one thing, in public or otherwise, but they won’t dare anger Washington beyond a minor disagreement- for sure not abrogate the Incirlik air base arrangement.
My key regional concern is Washington, not Turkey or Saudi Arabia. Supposed US support for peace and cessation of hostilities is pure subterfuge. Obama didn’t launch war to quit until achieving his objective – replace Syrian sovereignty with US-controlled puppet governance.
I’m sure Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials understand this well, and nonetheless continue forthright efforts to end years of conflict. I fully support them.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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