Russia’s Military Pullback from Syria

Russia’s Military Pullback from Syria
by Stephen Lendman
A separate article discussed it in detail. When strategic objectives are achieved, tactics change. 
Putin ordered most Russian aerial assets and supportive ground personnel withdrawn from Syria, redeployed home, saying his mission was “generally accomplished,” the scourge of terrorism weakened in disarray.
A Russian Defense Ministry statement said Khmeymin airbase “personnel…have started preparing (military) aircraft for performing a distance flight to home airfields in the Russian Federation.” 
“The personnel are loading equipment, material and technical supplies and property to the aircraft of the military-transport aviation.”
On Tuesday, the first group of Tupolev Tu-154 and Sukhoi Su-34 warplanes departed from Khmeimim airbase heading home, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported.
Putin and Assad agreed on pulling out the major portion of Russian aerial forces since they “fulfilled the fundamental missions” assigned them.
Moscow will maintain a small force in Syria along with an aerial control center to monitor conditions on the ground.
During an official visit to Malaysia on Tuesday, Russian upper house Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said “(a)s part of the Geneva negotiating process, we will do everything possible for implementing the road map for peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict” – aiming for “a government of national consent” agreed on by Syrians alone.
She stressed the fight against international terrorism continues, a longterm struggle until it’s completely destroyed.
New York Times editors ignored Putin’s strategic success, foiling Washington’s regional imperial aims, along with greatly weakening the scourge of US-supported terrorism in Syria.
Instead they claimed he “abruptly declared victory,” intends withdrawing the “main part” of his forces in Syria, “reflecting a desire not to get bogged down in the Syrian morass indefinitely.”
He’s been involved less than six months, a skirmish compared to endless US wars.
Wall Street Journal editors claimed he “achieved (his) goal of propping up Assad…bombing (nonexistent) moderate (rebels), not the Islamic State.”
They maintain the myth of “Syrian civil war,” ignoring US naked aggression, using ISIS and other terrorists groups as imperial foot soldiers.
They turned truth on its head, claiming “countering terrorism never was Mr. Putin’s aim. (He solely wants) new leverage in the Middle East and Europe.”
He wants world peace and stability, free from the scourge of US-led imperialism, ravaging the Middle East and elsewhere – humanity’s greatest threat.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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