Brussels Police State Witch-Hunts

Brussels Police State Witch-Hunts
by Stephen Lendman
Official reports and scoundrel media ones lack credibility, intended solely to deceive, not inform, hyping fear with a diabolical agenda in mind.
Brussels blasts had clear earmarks of state-sponsored terrorism, a false flag like other recent ones in Europe and America – more sure to follow, maybe a Big One more devastating than 9/11, possibly using radiological, biological and/or chemical weapons on Western soil.
Expect the worst. It’s coming. In what form, when and where remain to be seen. No scheme is too outrageous for lunatics running Western countries, especially in America – plotting one diabolical high crime after another.
Today is the most perilous time in world history. Geopolitical events should scare everyone. No safe havens exist. Brussels is currently the eye of the storm outside war theaters.
Witch-hunt arrests are ongoing, a fear-mongering scheme to convince city residents and others across Europe police state tactics make them safer.
Most people are easy marks to fool. No matter how how often deceived, they’re easy to dupe again. Brussels is in virtual lockdown. Police state control replaced constitutional rule. 
Belgium’s Coordinating Body for Analyzing the Terrorist Threat declared a level 3 “high” alert for the Brussels region – from March 25 through April 5, perhaps to be extended indefinitely.
Brussels is headquarters for the EU and NATO. From March 20 – April 3, Belgium is hosting several European summits and official visits. Dozens of delegations are expected.
Thousands of soldiers and police patrol Brussels streets. Exclusion zones were established. At least half a dozen arrests were made, likely more to follow. No evidence connects targeted victims to Tuesday’s blasts or other crimes.
Paris raids in its Argenteuil suburb continue. One or more arrests were made following police claiming an advanced stage plot was foiled – fear-mongering to convince the public of a likely nonexistent threat, state terrorism the only certain one.
Targeted communities in both countries are sealed off. Official reports and media ones aim to intimidate Brussels and Parisian residents to accept the unacceptable – police state tactics substituting for constitutional rule.
No independently verified evidence suggests dangerous jihadists threaten public security anywhere in Europe or America.
CCTV footage claiming to show Tuesday’s Brussels blasts were fake, using video of a January 2011 Moscow terror attack.
Photos of alleged ISIS suspects at Brussels airport on March 22 are unverified. They could be anyone, anywhere at any time, unrelated to terrorist attacks.
Propaganda relies on misinformation and deception. Why would anyone trust official reports, repeated unquestionably by media scoundrels, when later reliable information virtually always proves them false?
No evidence suggests the alleged Brussels bombers had anything to do with what happened. Targeted victims arrested in Brussels and Paris police raids are likely innocent patsies.
Numerous Muslim political prisoners languish under gulag conditions in US prisons for crimes never committed or nonexistent plots allegedly foiled.
I’ve written numerous articles in previous years about innocent victims affected, including famed human rights lawyer Lynne Stewart, imprisoned for defending a client the Bush administration wanted convicted – a message to all lawyers not to contest US accusations of terrorist activities virtually always later proved false.
Not a single terrorist attack occurred on US soil in memory, despite official claims otherwise. 9/11 was the mother of all false flags. So-called foiled plots were fake.
Accept nothing reported about last Tuesday’s Brussels blasts at face value, including about what’s happening in their aftermath.
Likely innocent victims are being arrested for state-sponsored terrorism they had nothing to do with – convenient patsies to be unjustly punished, perpetrators free to kill again.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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