Israeli Rabbi Urges Killing Palestinians

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March 13, 2016
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Israeli Rabbi Urges Killing Palestinians
by Stephen Lendman
Chief rabbis are most important. Israel has Ashkenazi and Sephardi ones – each serving 10-year terms.
Current incumbents David Lau (Ashkenazi) and Yitzhak Yosef (Sephardi) are notorious racists. 
They want Israeli Arab citizens denied their fundamental rights, excluded from Jewish communities, Jews prohibited from selling or renting homes to non-Jews.
They preach religious hate, Jewish exceptionalism, Muslim inferiority, vilifying its adherents for their faith, ethnicity and presence, wrongfully calling them violent and dangerous.
Yosef considers Palestinians terrorists, assailants, saying it’s a religious imperative (a mitzvah) to kill them – without concern for rule of law principles or High Court rulings.
On Saturday, he said “(i)f someone comes to kill you, you kill him first. Don’t start being afraid with all kinds…that they’ll make about him later in the High Court of Justice, or that some chief of staff will come and say something different.”
“It deters them too. The moment a terrorist knows that if he comes with a knife he won’t return alive, that will deter them. That’s why it’s a mitzvah to kill him.”
He commented in the context of whether it’s OK to kill Amalekites (a biblical Hebrew enemy) on the Shabbat (Shabbos) weekly day of rest, saying:
“On Shabbat you can’t kill Amalek. If some terrorist comes to me now, and I know he’s a terrorist, and we caught him. He doesn’t have a knife in his hand, he doesn’t have anything. And I know, Elijah the Prophet will come to me and tell me that he’s from Amalek.” 
“Is it permitted to kill him on Shabbat? No. But Elijah the Prophet says that it’s Amalek. Put him in prison. After Shabbat, say a blessing and kill him.”
Fanatics like Yosef and their secular counterparts run Israel. Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens are vilified for not being Jewish – fair game to kill with impunity.
When killing become a mitzvah, anything goes replaces rule of law justice.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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