A Time for Grieving, Heartache and Mourning

A Time for Grieving, Heartache and Mourning
Becky was special, a beloved partner and ideological soul mate, a part of my life. 
Friday I lost her to stage 4 breast cancer, spread to her bones and lungs, along with other complications.
She suffered terribly during her last days, knew her time was short, wanted her painful ordeal ended so she could rest in peace.
Words don’t come easy expressing my heartache knowing she’s gone. Never from my heart.
She worried more about my health than her own, didn’t tell me about her cancer until it reached a critical stage, and still for her, my well-being was more important than her own.
She was all give and no take, a rare quality, an irreplaceable part of my life gone. 
The day before she died I told her I was dedicating all my writing to her and would keep her apprised of what I was doing.
She wanted to know, followed it daily, too ill to keep up during her final days. 
Until she entered a critical stage, we exchanged thoughts and views on the state of the world, both of us likeminded on issues mattering most, appalled about state-sponsored terrorism harming so many.
Losing a loved one is life’s hardest cross to bear. Dearest Becky, rest in peace. Today I mourn.

I’ll keep writing as long as my health holds out because I know it’s what you want me to do.

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