US-Backed Terrorists Shell Aleppo Hospital – Russia and Syria Blamed

US-Backed Terrorists Shell Aleppo Hospital - Russia and Syria Blamed by Stephen Lendman Overnight Wednesday, US-backed terrorists shelled Aleppo’s Doctors Without Borders (MSF) al-Razi hospital and nearby residential areas - killing at least 20, injuring dozens, some critically. Syrian media reported rocket shells “stuffed with highly explosive materials” caused extensive damage. A Syrian military source... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Worldview: Old Wine in New Bottles

Trump’s Worldview: Old Wine in New Bottles by Stephen Lendman Believe nothing politicians say. They all lie. Trump sent mixed messages in delivering his first foreign policy address. His worldview is more nightmarish than visionary. His America first agenda features unipolarity, nativism and US military supremacy while claiming to “want to live peacefully with Russia... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Hypes Fear for Greater Military Spending

Pentagon Hypes Fear for Greater Military Spending by Stephen Lendman I’ve stressed repeatedly. America’s only enemies are ones it creates. Its war on terrorism is a shameless hoax, a pretext for endless wars of aggression. Today is the most perilous time in world history. Bipartisan US policy threatens world peace. The possibility of nuclear war... Continue Reading →

Cruz-Fiorina Alliance Shows Desperation

Cruz-Fiorina Alliance Shows Desperation by Stephen Lendman A days earlier announced Cruz-Kasich alliance to stay out of each other’s way in upcoming primaries as a way of challenging Trump faltered straightaway - Kasich urging supporters to stick with him. Trump called their gambit “pathetic,” a desperation move. In response to Cruz naming Carly Fiorina his... Continue Reading →

Symbolic French Vote for Lifting Sanctions on Russia

Symbolic French Vote for Lifting Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman America and EU countries illegally imposed sanctions on Russia - Washington four times since March 2014 for fabricated reasons relating to Ukraine. Nations unilaterally or collectively may not impose sanctions on other countries, individuals, businesses or organizations. International law permits only Security Council members... Continue Reading →

Honoring An Erdogan Victim

Honoring An Erdogan Victim by Stephen Lendman Turkey is a US-supported fascist police state, Erdogan a world-class thug, a despot by any standard. During June 2013 anti-regime protests, 15-year-old Berkin Elvan was struck on the head by a police tear gas canister while out buying bread for his family. On March 11, 2014, he died... Continue Reading →

Russian Air Power Making the Difference in Syria

Russian Air Power Making the Difference in Syria by Stephen Lendman Defeating US-supported terrorists in Syria requires longterm struggle. Reinvigorated government forces greatly aided by Russian air power, intelligence and other assistance are up to the task. Russia’s involvement since last September turned the tide of battle, its General Staff’s Main Operational Directorate head Gen.... Continue Reading →

Trump and Clinton Win Big on Tuesday

Trump and Clinton Win Big on Tuesday  by Stephen Lendman Both candidates moved closer to their party’s nominations. With overwhelming unelected super-delegate support (nearly 20% of the Democrat total), Sanders is too far behind to catch up. Without Republican super-delegates (6.5% of the GOP total), Trump is 400 delegates ahead of rival Cruz, momentum working... Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders: More Myth Than Populist Champion

Bernie Sanders: More Myth Than Populist Champion by Stephen Lendman Populists are excluded from high office in America. A true progressive hasn’t run for the presidency since socialist Eugene Debs tried five times - his last attempt from prison in 1920 for opposing WW I. In 1924, Robert LaFollette’s Progressive Party bid failed. Following his... Continue Reading →

NYT Calls Trump Unfit to Be President

NYT Calls Trump Unfit to Be President by Stephen Lendman Times editors bash him relentlessly, supporting neoliberal neocon war goddess, Wall Street favorite Clinton, ignoring her pure evil agenda - shamelessly calling her the most qualified US presidential aspirant “in modern history.” No responsible editors would publish this rubbish. All duopoly party candidates support the... Continue Reading →

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