Sergey Lavrov Rips Washington

Sergey Lavrov Rips Washington by Stephen Lendman Lavrov did it diplomatically. I won’t - my take on what he said and meant, along with my own no-holds-barred views. Lavrov did bluntly say the so-called US-led coalition, meaning Washington almost entirely with a little help from its rogue partners, “is just going through the motions,” pretending... Continue Reading →

Fabricated Reports on Russian Airstrikes Killing Civilians in Syria

Fabricated Reports of Russian Airstrikes Killing Civilians in Syria by Stephen Lendman Since Russia’s anti-terrorist campaign began in Syria last September, it’s been falsely accused numerous times of striking hospitals, other nonmilitary sites and killing civilians. It has documented photographic and other evidence disproving falsified claims, used to denigrate its vital mission, deserving universal support.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War on Syria: Tragedy and High Crime

Obama’s War on Syria: Tragedy and High Crime by Stephen Lendman People living distant from war zones can’t imagine the horrors millions in them face - unsure each day if they’ll live or die, remain whole or be harmed by disabling injuries.  Will surviving children be permanently traumatized? Will countless numbers perish for lack of... Continue Reading →

Horrific EU Mistreatment of Refugees

Horrific EU Mistreatment of Refugees by Stephen Lendman Desperate people fleeing US war zones, state terror and persecution are some of the world’s least welcome - denigrated for seeking safe havens, wanting life, not death. European refugee camp conditions are deplorable, below minimum standards for human habitation, warehouses for unwanted people, concentration camps in Turkey. ... Continue Reading →

Fear-Mongering Preceding UEFA Euro 2016

Fear-Mongering Preceding UEFA Euro 2016 by Stephen Lendman From June 10 - July 10, European football championship matches will be held in France - fear-mongering in high gear, hyping a suspected ISIS sleeper cell terrorist attack. The Islamic State is US-created, Western-supported. Any attack during upcoming games will be another in a series of false... Continue Reading →

China Deploying Nuclear Armed Subs to Counter Growing US Threat

China Deploying Nuclear Armed Subs to Counter Growing US Threat by Stephen Lendman The nuclear doomsday clock is ticking. America’s rage for unchallenged dominance threatens world peace.  Its global military footprint and out-of-control belligerence heighten the risk of eventual nuclear war, crossing an unthinkable catastrophic rubicon of no return if launched. China is justifiably concerned,... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Hypocrisy

Memorial Day Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman America is a warrior state, a serial aggressor, unaccountable for unparalleled high crimes against peace because of public ignorance and indifference. Americans are sublimely unaware of their nation’s history. Its so-called war of independence substituted new management for old. Everything changed but stayed the same. Civil war had nothing... Continue Reading →

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