Israeli Defense Minister Resigns from Politics, Blasts Netanyahu

Israeli Defense Minister Resigns from Politics, Blasts Netanyahu
by Stephen Lendman
Fascist rule under Netanyahu exceeds Sharonian evil. It’s about to get worse with ultranationalist extremist Avigdor Lieberman replacing Moshe Ya’alon as defense secretary.
On Friday, he resigned from politics in protest, on Facebook and Twitter, saying:
“I informed the prime minister this morning that following his recent actions and developments, and in light of the lack of his confidence in me, I am resigning from the government and the Knesset and taking a break from political life.”
He’s not leaving public life, he explained. He intends returning “to compete for the national leadership of Israel.”
“…I recently found myself in strong disagreement on moral and professional issues with the prime minister, a number of (other) ministers and several MKs.”
An unnamed Likudnik called the rupture between both men “real and serious, not political spin.” Ya’alon expressed concern over “extremist and dangerous elements (taking) over Israel and the Likud Party…”
He failed to explain it took over long ago, preceding Netanyahu, exacerbated on his watch, now maybe heading over the abyss with Arab-hating lunatic Lieberman in charge of war-making.
He endangers the region and world peace. He believes soldiers killing Palestinians in cold blood deserve praise, not prosecution. 
As former foreign minister, he was just an embarrassment. In charge of defense, he could invade Syria, nuke Iran and start WW III.
Ya’alon’s resignation sets the stage for his formal acceptance. Opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog said his appointment risks a perilous “journey of war and funerals,” sending a “message to the world that Israel prefers extremism, occupation and settlements to a peace accord.”
A Thursday Channel 10 poll showed Israelis prefer Ya’alon over Lieberman by 51 – 27%. Others had no view either way.
A Channel 2 poll was much narrower, favoring Ya’alon by 38% over Lieberman’s 35%. Most Israelis believe Netanyahu forced Ya’alon’s resignation to make way for Lieberman.
The entire region has cause for concern. Palestinians hold their breath, awaiting his hammer sure to drop. Gazans fear another likely devastating war.
America keeps rewarding Israeli ruthlessness. On Wednesday, House members authorized over $600 million for its deeply flawed, inaccurate missile defense programs – on top of hundreds of millions previously OK’d.
Rubber-stamp Senate approval is automatic, including annual billions of US taxpayer dollars for Israel’s killing machine.
New legislation includes anti-Iranian provisions, part of longstanding US/Israeli hostility toward the Islamic Republic. 
An eventual showdown is likely, perhaps embroiling the entire region in conflict.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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