Boris Johnson Quits Tory Leadership Race

Boris Johnson Quits Tory Leadership Race by Stephen Lendman On June 30, former London mayor Boris Johnson, Tory frontrunner to succeed David Cameron, dropped out of the race, the latest surprise in the ongoing Brexit saga. Was it voluntary or was he pushed, pressured by US and EU power brokers, wanting an anti-Brexiteer or weak-kneed... Continue Reading →

Kerry Suggests Maybe No Brexit

Kerry Suggests Maybe No Brexit by Stephen Lendman Addressing the right-wing Aspen Institute on Wednesday, Kerry said Brexit “(d)idn’t change a thing.” “This is a very complicated divorce.” David Cameron is loathe to invoke Lisbon Treaty Article 50, legally required to begin a lengthy Brexit process. He feels “powerless” to negotiate what he doesn’t want.... Continue Reading →

Three Amigos Summit Promotes Dirty Business As Usual

Three Amigos Summit Promotes Dirty Business As Usual by Stephen Lendman Meeting in Ottawa, Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto promoted NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - anti-consumer trade legislation, benefitting corporate interests exclusively at the expense of fundamental freedoms and social justice. “The integration of national economies... Continue Reading →

Russia: America’s Sworn Adversary

Russia: America’s Sworn Adversary by Stephen Lendman It’s no secret. Longstanding US plans call for regime change, wanting Russian sovereign independence eliminated, hegemonic US control replacing it. Recklessly dangerous US provocations seem heading things inevitably toward confrontation, especially worrisome if neocon Hillary Clinton succeeds Obama, a longstanding Russia/Putin hater, favoring belligerence over diplomacy - likely... Continue Reading →

Anti-Democratic Democrat Party Platform

Anti-Democratic Democrat Party Platform by Stephen Lendman Republican and Democrat party policies consistently represent privileged Americans at the expense of most everyone else - notably since Bill and Hillary Clinton’s deplorable 1990s co-presidency. Campaigning ahead of the 1992 election, Bill promoted the idea, using the phrase “two for the price of one.” The prospect of... Continue Reading →

Istanbul Blasts: Terrorism or False Flag?

Istanbul Blasts: Terrorism or False Flag? by Stephen Lendman It’s too early for a rush to judgment. Here’s what’s known. On Tuesday night, multiple blasts and automatic rifle fire, reportedly by three suicide bombers, rocked Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. Dozens were killed, over 230 injured. Was the incident terrorism or state-sponsored false flag deception to look... Continue Reading →

David Cameron in Brussels

David Cameron in Brussels by Stephen Lendman Calling his meeting a last supper, according to some media reports, was overblown, creating the impression of holding a wake for Britain. A northern European leader was quoted saying “only nice things can be said about the dead.” The United Kingdom has been around for hundreds of years.... Continue Reading →

Putin Calls for Defending Russia from Potential Threats, Provocations or Aggressive Acts

Putin Calls for Defending Russia from Potential Threats, Provocations or Aggressive Acts by Stephen Lendman Clearly with hostile US-dominated NATO in mind, Putin addressed Russian military and law enforcement school graduates. He explained “the invisible ties and continuity between the many generations of defenders of our Motherland” - certain future Russian leaders were in attendance among their numbers. He... Continue Reading →

Anti-Brexit Media Campaign Kicks Off

Anti-Brexit Media Campaign Kicks Off by Stephen Lendman Scoundrel media mouthpieces for power, along with monied interests they feature oppose Brexit. Expect a torrent of gloom and doom fear-mongering to come. Representing hundreds of member publications in over 150 countries, the Project Syndicate featured new world order/billionaire speculator George Soros’ anti-Brexit op-ed - misinformation and... Continue Reading →

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