Assad Wants Humanitarian Aid for All Syrians in Need

Assad Wants Humanitarian Aid For All Syrians in Need
by Stephen Lendman
Assad is overwhelmingly popular, democratically elected in June 2014, a process independent international observers called open, free and fair.
Syrians want no one else leading them for good reason. He gives them hope. Washington and its rogue allies want him ousted, Western-controlled tyranny replacing Syrian sovereignty – the same nightmarish scenario facing all nations America attacks aggressively, its imperial strategy for world conquest and domination.
Half the Syrian population is internally or externally displaced, facing dire conditions. Washington and Britain turned truth on its head, accusing Assad of impeding humanitarian aid deliveries. 
UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond willfully lied, saying
he “cynically allowed limited amounts of aid into Darayya and Muadhamiya but…failed to deliver the widespread humanitarian access called for by the international community.”
Bouthaina Shaaban is a distinguished member of Assad’s government, serving as his political and media advisor. On Thursday, she addressed the National Press Club in Washington via satellite from Damascus – discussing her government’s cooperation with UN officials, aiming to deliver humanitarian aid to all Syrians in need.
“About the Syrian government not allowing aid drops, I would like to (say) that these are our people in Syria, and we are trying our best with the UN representative here to find the best way to make all medicine, all food within reach of every single citizen in Syria,” she said.
Claims otherwise are false, part of the US-led effort to demonize Assad, media scoundrels involved, proliferating Western propaganda. 
Shaaban said UN humanitarian officials explained it’s “impossible” to airdrop certain medicines because it’s “costly…very dangerous, and it is not secure.”
“This doesn’t mean we are not trying our very best to make everything (needed) arrive (for) our citizens,” she stressed.
Unlike America and its rogue rogue partners, Russia is involved in delivering humanitarian aid via convoys and airdrops. This week alone, its military delivered 16 tons of food to Hama province.
Russian medics set up a mobile area medical center to provide treatment for Syrians in need. Provincial Governor Hassan Omar Haljaf thanked Moscow for providing humanitarian aid, saying:
“So I once again extend a big thank you to the Russian Federation, the Russian people, and President Vladimir Putin for their support to our country.”
Russia is Syria’s best hope for one day ending Obama’s war – America the main obstacle, responsible for endless conflicts throughout the region and elsewhere to achieve its imperial aims, no matter the cost in human lives and misery.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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