Assad Deserves Universal Support Against US-Sponsored Terrorism

Assad Deserves Universal Support Against US-Sponsored Terrorism
by Stephen Lendman
Syria is Obama’s war, launched with imported terrorist foot soldiers to gain America another imperial trophy – while eliminating an Israeli rival and diminishing Russia’s regional influence. 
Protecting Syria’s sovereign independence is crucial. If it goes, Iran is isolated. Its turn awaits.
It’s forthrightly aiding its Syrian ally, US imperialism their enemy, humanity’s scourge. America is the greatest threat to world peace, stability and security.
Addressing Syrian parliamentarians on Tuesday, Assad vowed to continue combating terrorism, an entire nation and its people at stake.
He explained Syria’s newly elected People’s Assembly is different from previous ones. Voters openly, freely and fairly elected representatives enduring years of war, violence and human misery – Syrians united against imperial forces wanting their country destroyed and partitioned.
US-led dark forces want Syria’s constitutional order eliminated. According to Assad, “(t)hey believe that the core of their political scheme after their plot of terrorism failed was to hit the constitution…creating chaos” – letting ISIS and other terrorists take over, later claiming they transformed themselves into (nonexistent) moderates.
Unity against foreign intruders foils their agenda. Controlling a country requires compliant citizens.
When Washington and its rogue allies failed to achieve their objectives, “their response was an open declaration of supporting terroris(ts)” falsely called moderates, said Assad, breaching ceasefire terms, turning peace talks into a farcical exercise.
“(T)his (is) what we saw…targeting civilians and hospitals in Aleppo,” blaming Russia and government forces for their crimes, Assad explained.
He blasted Erdogan’s “fascist” regime, wanting northern Syrian territory annexed. “Aleppo will be the grave where all the dreams and hopes of (this) butcher will be buried,” he stressed.
Syrians are overwhelmingly united, “brothers in life and martyrdom…defying death and terrorism (courageously), committed to the will to live and remain steadfast.”
“(W)ar on terrorism will continue…because the bloodshed won’t…end until we root out terrorism where it is and regardless of whatever masks it wears…”
“(E)ach and every inch of Syria (will be) liberate(d) because” the choice is “win” or perish, the latter an unacceptable alternative.
He urged all opposition elements unite against imported terrorism. Syria remains resilient because of its anti-imperial spirit.
He thanked Russia, Iran, China and other nations backing its liberating struggle. They “support the people’s right to choose their destiny,” he explained. The “blood of (Syrian) martyrs (hasn’t been) in vain.” 
Jefferson once called eternal vigilance the price of freedom. Syrians remain committed to preserve their sovereign independence, free from the scourge of foreign-supported terrorism.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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