Provocative NATO War Games in Poland

Provocative NATO War Games in Poland by Stephen Lendman US-dominated NATO is currently holding its largest war games since Soviet Russia dissolved in 1991 - provocative exercises in Poland, America on a slippery slope toward direct confrontation with Russia, pushing the envelope toward possible nuclear war. So-called Anaconda 16 continues for 10 days through mid-June,... Continue Reading →

Assad Deserves Universal Support Against US-Sponsored Terrorism

Assad Deserves Universal Support Against US-Sponsored Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Syria is Obama’s war, launched with imported terrorist foot soldiers to gain America another imperial trophy - while eliminating an Israeli rival and diminishing Russia’s regional influence.  Protecting Syria’s sovereign independence is crucial. If it goes, Iran is isolated. Its turn awaits. It’s forthrightly aiding... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Watch Calls for Investigating Israeli High Crimes

Human Rights Watch Calls for Investigating Israeli High Crimes by Stephen Lendman Nearly 50 years of Israeli occupation viciousness are too many. HRW called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to “formal(l)y investigat(e) serious international crimes” committed by Israel against Palestinians throughout its history - in compliance with its Rome Statute obligation. The ICC earlier... Continue Reading →

Clinton Chosen Democrat Party Nominee Last Year

Clinton Chosen Democrat Party Nominee Last Year by Stephen Lendman The Democrat party campaign was over before it began. On April 15, 2015, Clinton and Sanders both formally announced their candidacy to become party standard bearer this November. Primaries and caucuses since last winter were largely theatrical noise, the process rigged to anoint Clinton -... Continue Reading →

US Falsely Calls Iran Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism

US Falsely Calls Iran Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism  by Stephen Lendman Propaganda works because when repeated enough most people believe it.  The disturbing irony of the latest State Department annual report on terrorism finds the world’s leading state sponsor, America, accusing Iran, threatening no one, without just cause. The same false accusation repeats annually.... Continue Reading →

Russia Intends Preventing Terrorists from Seizing Syrian Territory

Russia Intends Preventing Terrorists from Seizing Syrian Territory by Stephen Lendman Syria’s fate depends on Russia’s willingness to support its ground forces with effective, sustained aerial operations - escalating them to defeat the scourge of US-backed terrorism. Half-way measures won’t work against imperial America, fully committed to replacing Syrian sovereignty with Western-controlled tyranny. On June... Continue Reading →

Disturbing Reality in Syria

Disturbing Reality in Syria by Stephen Lendman Endless war continues with no prospect for peace because Washington rejects it - wanting overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad forcibly ousted, knowing he won’t step down voluntarily nor should he. International law supports him. Syrians alone may decide who'll lead them, free from foreign interference. All armed opposition groups... Continue Reading →

NY Governor Cuomo Declares War on BDS

NY Governor Cuomo Declares War on BDS by Stephen Lendman BDS is the most effective way to challenge Israel’s vicious persecution of Palestinians and its own Arab citizens - deserving universal support and encouragement. First Amendment rights matter most. Without them all others are at risk. Targeting BDS is part of a slippery slope campaign... Continue Reading →

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