Torries Intend Greater Austerity Following Brexit Vote

Torries Intend Greater Austerity Following Brexit Vote by Stephen Lendman Political fallout from Thursday’s Brexit vote didn’t take long to unfold. David Cameron began it by announcing his resignation, effective when Torries meet in October, he said. On Tuesday, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s greater austerity announcement didn’t surprise. Days before last Thursday’s... Continue Reading →

Erdogan’s Hollow Apology to Putin

Erdogan’s Hollow Apology to Putin by Stephen Lendman Last November, Turkey willfully and without provocation downed a Russian Su-24 warplane flying over Syria, falsely claiming it entered Turkish airspace. At the time, Erdogan defiantly said “(i)f another violation of our aerial border happens, we(‘ll) respond in the same way.” Clear Russian evidence proved its aircraft... Continue Reading →

Brexit Another Excuse for Putin Bashing

Brexit Another Excuse for Putin Bashing by Stephen Lendman He’s falsely blamed for favoring Brexit, orchestrating Euro 2016 hooliganism, nonexistent aggression in Ukraine, menacing Baltic states and other Eastern European countries, along with being America’s top existential threat. Now, according to right-wing Daily Beast columnist Josh Rogin, writing in the neocon Washington Post, “Russian intelligence... Continue Reading →

False Prophets Hype Brexit Disaster

False Prophets Hype Brexit Disaster by Stephen Lendman Public sentiment in Britain, across Europe, in America and elsewhere is being manipulated to believe Brexit assures economic and financial chaos. New world order con man/billionaire speculator George Soros, known for profiting from color revolutions, imperial wars and neoliberal harshness warned of disaster from Brexit, saying: “Now... Continue Reading →

Second UK Referendum Petition Rife with Fraud

Second UK Referendum Petition Rife with Fraud by Stephen Lendman Borrowing a line from librettist WS Gilbert: “Things aren’t always as they seem. Skim milk masquerades as cream.” Venezuelan extremists wanting democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro ousted stacked their recall petition with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent signatures - some fake names, others deceased, as... Continue Reading →

Sanders Supports Clinton

Sanders Supports Clinton by Stephen Lendman Holding back on officially endorsing her, the presumptive Democrat party standard bearer, belies his earlier saying “if (she’s) the nominee, I will certainly support her.” Support = endorsement, so why stop short of admitting it. Sanders’ reasons ring hollow. So does his empty threat about waging a convention floor... Continue Reading →

Kerry in Brussels and London

Kerry in Brussels and London by Stephen Lendman Ahead of his Sunday visit, Kerry’s upside down assessment of things stressed “the important role the UK plays in promoting peace and stability in the world.” Both countries partnered with Israel represent pure evil, humanity’s greatest threat - Kerry’s visit an imperial mission, asserting US authority, letting... Continue Reading →

Turmoil in Britain Following Brexit

Turmoil in Britain Following Brexit by Stephen Lendman Major disruptions rarely happen, Brexit the latest, a surprise to most observers, reverberations felt in Britain, across Europe, in America and elsewhere. David Cameron is stepping down as UK prime minister, though delaying his departure until October. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership is threatened. Over half his shadow... Continue Reading →

Brexit: Anti-Neoliberal Rebellion

Brexit: Anti-Neoliberal Rebellion by Stephen Lendman Adam Smith said governments are “instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor.” Predatory capitalism dominates most societies, wealth unequally distributed, privileged few benefitting at the expense of most others. Powerful interests use money to make more of it at the expense of beneficial social change. Dominance... Continue Reading →

Brexit Contagion?

Brexit Contagion? by Stephen Lendman Euroskepticism isn’t confined to Britain. According to a Pew Research (PR) study conducted in April and May, it’s on the rise in other European countries. “The British are not the only ones with doubts about the European Union,” said PR’s Bruce Stokes. “The EU is again experiencing a sharp dip... Continue Reading →

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