Anti-Brexit Camp Wants Second Referendum

Anti-Brexit Camp Wants Second Referendum by Stephen Lendman Call it the sour grapes crowd. When things don’t turn out its way, it demands another go, hoping for a different result. Britain’s government responds to all petitions getting at least 100,000 signatures. Parliament debates them, generally a pro forma process, most often accomplishing nothing. London’s Guardian... Continue Reading →

Unindicted War Criminal Tony Blair Calls Brexit a Coup

Unindicted War Criminal Tony Blair Calls Brexit a Coup by Stephen Lendman Britain’s most reviled and discredited leader when leaving office in June 2007 allied with Bill Clinton’s rape of Yugoslavia, George Bush’s naked aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Israel’s war on Palestine. Greed now drives him. So does selling influence, becoming... Continue Reading →

Brexit Postmortems

Brexit Postmortems by Stephen Lendman Disruptive Brexit reverberations will be around a long time - even though in the end Britain isn’t likely to leave the EU, not as long as powerful monied interests oppose it. How things play out in the months ahead remain to be seen. Expect surprises along the way, maybe a... Continue Reading →

Trump, Clinton and Sanders on Brexit

Trump, Clinton and Sanders on Brexit by Stephen Lendman During his April London visit, Obama opposed Brexit, touting nonexistent “single market” benefits. Trump backed Brexit, saying in response to Thursday’s vote “they took back their country. It’s a great thing…fantastic.”  “People are angry all over the world,” suggesting other EU countries may follow Britain’s lead.... Continue Reading →

Blaming Putin for Brexit Vote

Blaming Putin for Brexit Vote by Stephen Lendman Irresponsible Putin bashing is a virtual cottage industry, blaming him for almost anything a constant Western headline theme. Following Brits voting for Brexit, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Putin and ISIS “might be happy” with the outcome. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond accused him welcoming a British... Continue Reading →

Brexit Surprise

Brexit Surprise by Stephen Lendman Polls predicted a close vote. London bookmakers put odds strongly against Brexit. State controlled BBC and other major UK media one-sidedly promoted remaining in the EU, suggesting disaster otherwise. The final vote, announced early Friday morning, was leave 51.9%, stay 48.1%. Turnout was 71.8%, 30 million Brits voting, the highest... Continue Reading →

Sanders in New York

Sanders in New York by Stephen Lendman His so-called “where we go from here speech” fell short, repeating warmed-over themes highlighted throughout his campaign - ones he largely failed to support during 30 years in public office. His record shows a deplorable habit of saying one thing, then doing another, destroying his credibility. His populist... Continue Reading →

Strategic Sino/Russian Relations

Strategic Sino/Russian Relations by Stephen Lendman Ahead of Putin’s June 25 state visit to China to discuss growing bilateral ties and issues of mutual concern with his counterpart Xi Jinping, he was interviewed by Xinhua at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) last week. After Soviet Russia’s dissolution in 1991, both countries established “constructive... Continue Reading →

Another Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder with Impunity

Another Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder with Impunity by Stephen Lendman Racist US and Israeli policies bear striking similarities. Cops in America turned Black and Latino communities into battlegrounds, virtual war theaters, killing with impunity - rarely ever held accountable for cold-blooded murder and other forms of brutality. Israel operates the same way, soldiers, police and other... Continue Reading →

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