Brexit Referendum Is Non-Binding

Brexit Referendum Is Non-Binding  by Stephen Lendman All the fuss and bother about Brexit largely ignores its non-binding status - parliament, not voters deciding if Britain stays or leaves the EU, the latter extremely unlikely. Writing in the Financial Times, British lawyer David Allen Green explained Brexit voting is “advisory,” not “mandatory.” Parliament has final... Continue Reading →

Ad Hominem Campaigning

Ad Hominem Campaigning by Stephen Lendman Candidates attacking each other goes with the territory. Trump and Clinton appear heading for new mean-spirited lows. The race for the White House promises perhaps to be the nastiest in memory - back-and-forth ad hominem bashing in lieu of straight talk on issues mattering most. America is a hugely... Continue Reading →

Michele Flournoy: A Clinton Administration’s Likely Secretary of War

Michele Flournoy: A Clinton Administration’s Likely Secretary of War by Stephen Lendman America’s Defense Department is misnamed. Its designation sanitizes its warmaking mission - endless aggression against nonbelligerent states.  The endgame is clear - unchallenged US global dominance, planet earth colonized, its resources looted, billions consigned to neoserfdom. Flournoy is scary, cut out of the... Continue Reading →

June 22: Operation Barbarossa’s 75th Anniversity

June 22: Operation Barbarossa’s 75th Anniversary by Stephen Lendman On June 22, 1941, Hitler launched perhaps the largest ever invasion by one country against another. Operation Barbarossa involved up to four million combat and support troops - Hitler’s fatal error, miscalculating, overreaching, hubris and arrogance defeating him. Heroic Red Army efforts smashed the vaunted Wehrmacht,... Continue Reading →

Kerry Meets with State Department Hawks on Syria

Kerry Meets with State Department Hawks on Syria by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed dozens of unnamed State Department staffers urging stepped up US military action to oust Assad, greater naked aggression than already - wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence. John Kerry expressed sympathy with their position without publicly endorsing it.... Continue Reading →

EU Extends Sanctions on Russia

EU Extends Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman US pressure got EU countries to act against their own self-interest - imposing sanctions in 2014, on the phony pretext of “Russian aggression” in Ukraine, nonexistent then and now, no prospect of any ahead. Brussels extended them earlier, again through January 31, 2017 - approved by the... Continue Reading →

Banning Russian Athletes from Rio 2016

Banning Russian Athletes from Rio 2016 by Stephen Lendman Don’t bet against Washington’s dirty hands being behind the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) banning of Russian track and field athletes from Rio 2016 - an unprecedented politicized act. They’re being collectively punishing unjustly, based on doping allegations against some of its members, as well... Continue Reading →

A Clinton Presidency: Humanity’s Worst Nightmare

A Clinton Presidency: Humanity’s Worst Nightmare by Stephen Lendman Since Soviet Russia’s 1991 dissolution, successive US administrations governed increasingly lawlessly and recklessly - Bill Clinton worse than his predecessors, Bush worse than him, Obama worst of all, at war with multiple invented enemies throughout his tenure - from inaugural day to the present. A neocon... Continue Reading →

Does Russia Losing Patience in Syria Signal a Policy Shift?

Does Russia Losing Patience in Syria Signal a Policy Shift? by Stephen Lendman Putin deserves high praise for wanting conflicts in Syria and Ukraine resolved diplomatically, peace and stability restored, an agenda polar opposite Washington’s. At the June 16 - 18 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), he highlighted the threat. Hostile unilateralism doesn’t work,... Continue Reading →

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