Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria

Heightened Risk of Escalated War on Syria by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed dozens of unnamed State Department staffers urging “targeted military strikes” on Assad’s government - signing an internal memo posted on the agency’s dissent channel. Obama already is at war to transform Syria into another US vassal state, using ISIS and other... Continue Reading →

No Change in Obama’s Syria Policy?

No Change in Obama’s Syria Policy? by Stephen Lendman According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama’s Syria policy remains unchanged with few months remaining before he steps down - despite dozens of hawkish State Department staffers urging US airstrikes on Assad’s government. It would represent a major policy shift if initiated. John Kerry and Hillary... Continue Reading →

US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III

US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III by Stephen Lendman The above is the subtitle of my edited and contributed to book on Ukraine, its nation one of numerous US-created flashpoint parts of the world risking WW III. Others include: Eastern European Baltic and other countries provocatively infested with increasing numbers of US-led NATO combat... Continue Reading →

Sanders in Burlington

Sanders in Burlington by Stephen Lendman Clinton is the presumptive Democrat party nominee. She’ll face Trump in November. On Thursday night from his Burlington, VT home base, Sanders addressed supporters via livestream, maintaining the myth of his “political revolution,” pretending his campaign continues. His address was warmed-over stump mumbo jumbo previously delivered numerous times before... Continue Reading →

Israel Denies Water to Palestinian West Bank Areas

Israel Denies Water to Palestinian West Bank Areas by Stephen Lendman Israeli viciousness knows no limits, cutting off water to tens of thousands of Palestinians the latest example. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah issued a statement, accusing Israel of “waging a water war against the Palestinians.” Netanyahu-led extremists want them “prevent(ed) from leading a... Continue Reading →

Russia Risks Losing Its Advantage Gained in Syria

Russia Risks Losing Its Advantage Gained in Syria by Stephen Lendman It’s hard fathoming Russia’s Syria strategy. Scaling back its aerial operations last March gave US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups time to regroup, rearm and replenish their ranks for new attacks ongoing. A previous article said Moscow continues the futility of negotiating with Washington... Continue Reading →

Diversionary Congressional Gun Control Debate

Diversionary Congressional Gun Control Debate by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, AP News said “Republican leaders had agreed to hold votes on Democrat-backed measures to expand background checks and prevent suspected terrorists from acquiring guns.” They’re almost as easy to buy as toothpaste. America’s racist drug laws haven’t curbed their availability and easy access. The nation... Continue Reading →

Clinton’s National Security Strategy: Endless Wars of Aggression

Clinton’s National Security Strategy: Endless Wars of Aggression by Stephen Lendman Her deplorable record speaks for itself, publicly supporting all US wars of choice, naked aggression against nonbelligerent states, raping them, responsible for mass slaughter, destruction and appalling human misery. Don’t let her deceptive rhetoric fool you. Urging escalated war on ISIS ignores its US... Continue Reading →

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