Israel Rejects Peace, Vows No Palestinian State

Israel Rejects Peace, Vows No Palestinian State by Stephen Lendman Israel is ruled by Arab-hating fascists, religious extremists and Zionist zealots - a rogue state threatening regional peace and security, its current regime under Netanyahu exceeding Sharonian evil. Decades of on-and-off Israeli/Palestinian peace talks proved fruitless, dead-on-arrival each time, the greatest hoax in modern memory.... Continue Reading →

Clinton and Sanders Meet, Pledge Party Unity

Clinton and Sanders Meet, Pledge Party Unity by Stephen Lendman Following her District of Columbia win, concluding the long primary/caucus season, Clinton met privately with Sanders at a downtown Washington hotel - discussing rapprochement and party unity to defeat Trump in November. Representatives of both camps called the meeting “positive.” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said... Continue Reading →

Reported Multiple Orlando Gunmen

Reported Multiple Orlando Gunmen by Stephen Lendman Whether true or not awaits credible evidence proving it. A previous article called it highly unlikely for one gunman to kill or injure over 100 victims singlehandedly before SWAT police stopped him. Orlando shootings bore distinct earmarks of state-sponsored false flag deception, not terrorism as widely reported.  A... Continue Reading →

Tyrannical Bahraini Rule

Tyrannical Bahraini Rule by Stephen Lendman Bahrain is one of six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, despotic monarchies allied with US regional imperial interests, mainly its endless wars of aggression. On Monday, prominent human rights defender/former political prisoner Nabeel Rajab was again arrested. At 5:00AM, police surrounded his home. His son Adam tweeted they “entered... Continue Reading →

WikiLeaks to Publish Indictable Evidence Against Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks to Publish Indictable Evidence Against Hillary Clinton by Stephen Lendman Clinton is America’s first ever US presidential aspirant under FBI investigation for criminality - warranting indictment, prosecution and imprisonment if convicted, though chances of it happening are virtually zero. Julian Assange was interviewed by ITV’s Peston on Sunday via video link from London’s Ecuadorian... Continue Reading →

Presidential Politics Exploits Orlando

Presidential Politics Exploits Orlando by Stephen Lendman US presidential aspirants, their supporters and media scoundrels are taking full advantage of Sunday’s incident - likely US-sponsored false flag deception, not radical Islamic terrorism as widely reported. What’s happening in plain sight should appall everyone, a disgusting display of willful misinformation, intolerable Islamophobia and chauvinism, along with... Continue Reading →

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