Obama Escalates Afghan War

Obama Escalates Afghan War by Stephen Lendman Disturbing but true! Nearly 15 years of US naked aggression on Afghanistan aren’t enough, America’s longest war, raging endlessly. Obama authorized escalated US involvement - on the phony pretext of aiding Afghan forces. How far he intends going remains to be seen, waging wars in multiple theaters -... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Pentagon Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat by Stephen Lendman Today is the worst of times. Reckless US fear-mongering persists. No Russian threat exists. Claims otherwise are fabricated - a hoax proliferated by irresponsible media scoundrels, paid to lie, trashing journalistic ethics.  Putin gets no credit for being the world’s preeminent peacemaker - polar opposite Obama, Hillary... Continue Reading →

The Parties of Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR Are Dead

The Parties of Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR Are Dead by Stephen Lendman America was never beautiful. Today it’s unfit and unsafe to live in, a monster threatening humanity’s survival. US duopoly power replaced the eras of Jefferson, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. No JFKs exist, a peacemaker assassinated for opposing war, urging nuclear disarmament and rapprochement... Continue Reading →

War Party Leader Obama Endorses War Goddess Clinton

War Party Leader Obama Endorses War Goddess Clinton by Stephen Lendman Obama, Clinton and bipartisan neocons infesting Washington explain the deplorable state of America today - a democracy in name only, enriching the privileged few at the expense of most others, waging endless wars on humanity, leaving its fate up for grabs. Clinton was chosen... Continue Reading →

What Russia Should Tell America

What Russia Should Tell America by Stephen Lendman Russia continues the futility of negotiating with Washington in good faith - its adversary, not partner, wanting its government toppled, pro-Western tyranny replacing it. Sergey Lavrov is Moscow’s foreign policy point man. It’s time for him to discard diplomatic niceties and tell John Kerry negotiating with him... Continue Reading →

Sanders Edges Toward Clinton Endorsement

Sanders Edges Toward Clinton Endorsement by Stephen Lendman Sanders claiming he intends continuing his nomination quest to the July Democrat convention is meaningless hyperbole. Expect no floor fight. Concession followed by endorsing Clinton could come any time. The same scenario repeats each electoral cycle. Party faithful rally behind presidential nominees, losing aspirants among them. Sanders/Clinton... Continue Reading →

US Waging Naked Aggression on Syria, Draws UN Praise

US Waging Naked Aggression on Syria, Draws UN Praise by Stephen Lendman Syria’s war isn’t civil as widely misreported. It’s Obama’s war, naked aggression, launched in March 2011 using ISIS and likeminded groups - supported by US air power and special forces, waging phony war on terrorism. Since last September, Russia alone among world powers... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Political Prisoner Marwan Barghouti Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Palestinian Political Prisoner Marwan Barghouti Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Stephen Lendman Barghouti is Palestine’s most prominent political figure, a courageous freedom fighter, an advocate of resisting illegal Israeli occupation, why he was targeted in the first place.  In May 2004, he was wrongfully convicted on phony terrorism charges - receiving five consecutive life... Continue Reading →

Trump v. Clinton in November

Trump v. Clinton in November by Stephen Lendman It’s all over but the postmortems. Trump and Clinton are their parties’ presumptive nominees. Choice for voters in November amounts to death by hanging or firing squad.  Democracy is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Trump was the last GOP aspirant left standing after all others dropped out,... Continue Reading →

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