Hillary Lies on Fox News Sunday

Hillary Lies on Fox News Sunday by Stephen Lendman On Fox News Sunday, July 31, Hillary willfully and maliciously lied, claiming she knows Russia hacked DNC emails - despite no evidence suggesting it, plenty indicating otherwise. “We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC, and we know that they arranged for a lot... Continue Reading →

Hillary Emails Reveal US Efforts to Destabilize Venezuela

Hillary Emails Reveal US Efforts to Destabilize Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Since Hugo Chavez’s democratic ascension to power in February 1999, Washington tried assorted dirty tricks to topple him unsuccessfully, including an aborted April 2002 two-day coup. In March 2013, it succeeded, after multiple operations to save him failed. At the time, acting Venezuelan President... Continue Reading →

Huge Stakes in the US Presidential Race

Huge Stakes in the US Presidential Race by Stephen Lendman US elections matter, notably with such hugely important domestic and geopolitical issues at stake. No matter who wins in November, ordinary people worldwide lose - especially if Hillary succeeds Obama next year. Never before in US history has a more reviled and recklessly dangerous aspirant... Continue Reading →

Israeli Intelligence Debunks Notion of Russia Hacking DNC Emails

Israeli Intelligence Debunks Notion of Russia Hacking DNC Emails by Stephen Lendman No evidence links Russia to hacking DNC emails. Accusations suggesting otherwise are baseless - the latest irresponsible bashing episode, for geopolitical purposes, shifting attention from Hillary’s disturbing record, along with showing electoral rigging anointed her party standard bearer. Israeli military intelligence/Mossad connected DEBKAfile... Continue Reading →

Judas Goat Sanders Still Hanging Around

Judas Goat Sanders Still Hanging Around by Stephen Lendman Con man/Judas goat Sanders will be remembered for disgracefully leading his followers astray, betraying them by endorsing what he campaigned against. He’s a footnote in the dark history of US politics, his self-styled political revolution smoke and mirrors deception.  Never a serious contender against Clinton chosen... Continue Reading →

US Cyberwar on Russia?

US Cyberwar on Russia? By Stephen Lendman On Saturday, Tass reported what looks like Washington’s dirty handiwork, perhaps complicit with NATO and Israel, saying: Russia’s “Federal Security Service (FSB) revealed virus software for cyber-spying in computer networks of about 20 organizations located in Russia.”  The attack targeted “information resources of the state authorities, scientific and... Continue Reading →

Fascist Tyranny Runs America

Fascist Tyranny Runs America by Stephen Lendman From the neoliberal 90s through near-16 painful Bush/Obama neocon years, tyranny became hard-wired in America - a hair’s breadth from full-blown. It’s virtually sure to emerge this way if Hillary becomes America’s 45th president - a mentally unstable neocon lunatic, itching for imperial world conquest and dominance, perhaps... Continue Reading →

Hillary’s Computer System Hacked, NYT Blames Russia

Hillary’s Computer System Hacked, NYT Blames Russia by Stephen Lendman When in doubt, it’s Russia’s fault, Vladimir Putin designated the West’s No. 1 bad guy. He’s blamed for virtually anything Washington and NATO contrive. A longterm adversarial relationship persists, risking potentially devastating consequences.  Facts never interfere with Western propaganda, outrageous accusations featured with no corroborating... Continue Reading →

Haaretz for Hillary

Haaretz for Hillary by Stephen Lendman Israel’s well-known broadsheet increasingly resembles the worst of New York Times reporting.  It shamelessly supports Hillary the way it backed Obama earlier, ignoring their high crimes instead of denouncing them - like it fails to condemn rogue Israeli policies, its lawless apartheid rule, its ruthless Anglo/Zionist agenda and wars... Continue Reading →

US Warplanes Massacre Syrian Civilians Unaccountably

US Warplanes Massacre Syrian Civilians Unaccountably by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US policy has no regard for human life and welfare at home or abroad - international law flouted unaccountably, high crimes committed globally, notably in its war theaters. Syria is in the eye of the storm, US aggression continuing against a sovereign independent state, now... Continue Reading →

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