Obama in Poland

Obama in Poland
by Stephen Lendman
In Warsaw for US-dominated NATO’s anti-Russia, saber-rattling summit, Obama commented Saturday at its conclusion – demagogic doublespeak featured, no straight talk.
He expressed hollow condolences for Blacks victimized by police violence and grieving family members – mindless of his war on humanity at home and abroad, his callous indifference to human suffering, once offhandedly telling aides he’s “really good at killing people.”
He’s waged dirty war throughout his tenure, responsible for millions of deaths in multiple US war theaters.
His crimes include drone war as an instrument of state terror, assassinating targeted victims extrajudicially, due process and habeas rights denied them, cold-blooded murder on the pretext humanitarian intervention, protecting national security and democracy building.
He called Warsaw’s summit “a pivotal moment for” NATO, turning truth on its head, claiming “perhaps never have we faced such a range of challenges all at once,” citing nonexistent threats.
America and its rogue allies represent the only real one, humanity’s fate hanging in the balance.
All politicians lie. Obama achieved Olympian gold medal standing, a world champion in its fine art, dissembling what he does best.
Obama: NATO nations…endured heinous terrorists attacks directed or inspired by ISIL.”
Fact: ISIL/ISIS/the Islamic State is a US creation, death squad imperial foot soldiers, proxies doing America’s killing and dying for it, menacing peace and stability, responsible for horrific high crimes – with full support and encouragement from Washington and its rogue allies.
Obama: “Russia has violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent European nation – Ukraine – and engaged in provocative behavior toward NATO allies.”
Fact: No “Russian aggression” (the phrase so often used) exists – none against Ukraine or any other nation, no provocations, outreach only, forthright efforts for peace, stability and mutual cooperation.
Obama: “European borders and economies have been tested by millions of migrants fleeing conflicts and deprivation.”
Fact: They’re refugees and asylum seekers, not “migrants.” Mischaracterizing them mocks their suffering, denigrates their humanity.
They’re victims of US imperial viciousness, millions of desperate people seeking safe havens to survive.
Obama: Brits “vot(ing) to leave the EU has raised questions about the future of European integration.”
Fact: UK parliamentarians alone will decide up or down if Britain remains in or leaves the EU – virtually no chance for the latter because powerful forces on both sides of the Atlantic won’t tolerate it.
Obama: “In good times and in bad, Europe can count on the United States – always.”
Fact: The EU is a CIA creation, wanting unity for easier control. Europe, east and west, is a US colony, dominating the continent politically, economically and militarily through NATO, an instrument of imperial policy.
Obama: “(W)e’re moving forward with the most significant reinforcement of our collective defense (at) any time since the Cold War.”
Fact: Defending against what when no threats exist except the US-dominated alliance and its rogue allies, world peace up for grabs because of its existence.
Obama: Deploying “an additional 4,000 US troops” near Russia’s border “send(s) a clear message that we will defend every ally.”
Fact: Provocatively encroaching on Russia’s border, along with challenging China in its part of the world “send(s) a clear message America wants war, not peace – acknowledgement of its reckless imperial agenda, holding humanity hostage to its rage for unchallenged dominance.
Obama: “NATO is increasing our support to Ukraine…(E)ven as the NATO-Russia Council…meet(s) in Brussels (this) week, our 28 nations are united in our view that there can be no business as usual with Russia until it fully implements” Minsk principles.
Fact: In February 2014, Washington ousted Ukraine’s legitimate government, Nazi-infested putschists replacing it, waging war without mercy on its Donbass citizens – freedom fighters rejecting fascist rule, wanting democratic rights everyone deserves.
Throughout over two years of conflict, Russia alone forthrightly continues seeking diplomatic resolution – scrupulously observing Minsk, Washington, its rogue EU allies and puppet Kiev regime violating it, wanting war, not peace.
Obama: “NATO will do more…to fight against terrorist networks.”
Fact: They’re US creations, fully supported, not combated as claimed.
NATO is an instrument of US state terror, its agenda threatening world peace and humanity’s survival.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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