Putin Bashing Comes Full Circle

Putin Bashing Comes Full Circle
by Stephen Lendman
He’s the preeminent world leader, its foremost peace and stability champion, saying what he means and meaning what he says forthrightly – polar opposite how Obama and other US officials operate. 
You’d never know it from relentless bashing he takes – shamelessly blaming him for nonexistent “Russia aggression,” fantasy revanchist aims, imaginary super-wealth stashed in tax havens, Hillary comparing him to Hitler – to accusing him of helping Trump by hacking DNC emails and handing them to WikiLeaks for publication.
Romanian Guccifer 2.0 was responsible. Russia had nothing to do with it. Putin is automatically blamed whenever the chance arises, due diligence checking systematically avoided – propaganda taking precedence over facts.
A same-day article explained thousands of emails WikiLeaks released showed Democrat party bosses rigged things for Clinton, aiding her fundraising, enlisting one-sided media support, stealing primaries and caucuses, along with other dirty tricks.
She didn’t win a majority of delegates for nomination. Enough were handed to her to assure it – more criminality added to her notorious rap sheet.
America’s political process resembles Stalinist Russia. He reportedly once said “(i)t’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”
Today it’s done with corporate-controlled electronic voting machines – preselected winners aided additionally by voter role purging and other dirty tricks.
Dark forces running America’s electoral process should face Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) charges – election-rigging added to other crimes under its mandate.
Putin is relentlessly bashed because he’s on the right side of history – calling rule of law principles inviolable, wanting nation-state sovereign independence respected, supporting peace, opposing war, refusing to yield to imperial pressure.
No evidence suggests he’s trying to influence America’s electoral process at the presidential or any other level.
Plenty shows Washington meddles destructively in the internal affairs of other countries worldwide, flagrantly violating international law, claiming a divine right to do what it pleases – including rigging election outcomes at home and abroad.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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