Phony US Outreach to Russia on Combating Terrorism in Syria

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Phony US Outreach to Russia on Combating Terrorism in Syria
by Stephen Lendman
A neocon Washington Post article, reading like an administration press release, said it (likely through the State Department) proposed “deepen(ing) military cooperation” with Russia in combating terrorists in Syria – provided Moscow and Syria stop bombing “US-supported (so-called moderate) rebels.”
Fact: No moderates exist. All armed groups at war with Syria and its people are US and other foreign-backed terrorists.
Fact: Washington rejected earlier genuine Russian proposals for joint cooperation in fighting terrorists in Syria.
Fact: Neocons infesting Washington want Assad toppled, Syria transformed into a US vassal state, its resources looted, its people exploited and the country partitioned for easier control.
Fact: America is the world’s leading sponsor of global terrorism, using death squads to advance its imperium, raping and pillaging one nation after another, responsible for millions of deaths, chaos and unspeakable human misery.
Fact: Washington’s aim is unchallenged global dominance. Endless wars, related violence and instability serve its agenda. Peace and respect for the sovereignty of all nations defeat it.
According to WaPo, the proposal was approved by Obama and John Kerry. It calls for Russia to pressure Assad to stop bombing (US and other foreign-backed terrorist groups) ravaging Syria, murdering its people, committing gruesome atrocities – elements Washington and its rogue allies farcically call moderates.
US terms involve revealing geographic areas where these groups operate (what Russia and Syria already know), not precise locations.
The proposal is farcical on its face, excluding joint military planning or coordinated US/Russian airstrikes on all terrorist groups.
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter reportedly opposed the plan, went along anyway. State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby declined to elaborate on its details, saying only “(w)e have been clear about Russia’s obligations to ensure regime compliance with the cessation of hostilities.”
White House press secretary Josh Earnest turned truth on its head saying, “(w)hat has prevented us from being able to more effectively coordinate militarily is that what the Russians have been militarily doing is propping up Assad and not going after ISIL.”
On Thursday, Putin explained he’s “prepared to work with any future (US) president.” At the same time, he “consider(s) unacceptable the approach on the part of the American establishment…believ(ing) (it) can decide (on) what issues (it) will cooperate with us” – and on terms it demands.
It’s hard believing Moscow takes Washington’s latest offer seriously. America undermined Geneva I, II and III peace talks. It wants war, not peace, spurns real diplomatic conflict resolution efforts.
I’ve said many times the only language US policymakers understand is force. Russia’s best strategy is maintaining military pressure. Years of diplomacy accomplished nothing.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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