Brazil Rousseff Impeachment Vote: Fascists 61, Democrats 20

Brazil Rousseff Impeachment Vote: Fascists 61, Democrats 20 by Stephen Lendman President Dilma Rousseff’s ouster was orchestrated in Washington, complicit with corrupted Brazilian fascists - usurping power by removing her.  Her impeachment was certain once the nation’s corruption-ridden Senate suspended her in May on trumped up budget-manipulation charges. On August 31, it became official. Tyranny... Continue Reading →

Humanity at Risk

Humanity at Risk by Stephen Lendman Never before in history was humanity more at risk than now. Earlier wars were fought with conventional weapons.  Today’s super-ones make them look like toys by comparison. Thermonuclear bombs, if used, can incinerate entire cities and surroundings.  Enough of them launched risks nuclear winter. Physician, nuclear expert, anti-war activist... Continue Reading →

Trump in Mexico, Obama Stumps for Hillary

Trump in Mexico, Obama Stumps for Hillary by Stephen Lendman This year’s presidential race represents duopoly governance at its worst, two aspirants vying for the nation’s highest office, both unfit to serve, voters given no choice. The election was hacked, says Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead. “The outcome is a foregone conclusion: the police state will... Continue Reading →

No Respite in Obama’s War on Syria

No Respite in Obama’s War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington seeks a military solution while pretending it wants things resolved diplomatically. Endless conflict for five-and-a-half years proves its real intentions. So does obstructing Russia’s continued efforts for restoring peace and stability to war-torn Syria. On Tuesday, State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby downplayed ongoing... Continue Reading →

Fabricated UN Report on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

Fabricated UN Report on Chemical Weapons Use in Syria  by Stephen Lendman Throughout years of conflict, Syria was falsely accused of using chemical weapons numerous times, accusations without verifiable evidence each time - along with being blamed for war crimes committed by US-supported terrorists and Pentagon warplanes. The new UN report looks like the latest... Continue Reading →

Neocon Washington Post Warns of Nonexistent Putin October Surprise

Neocon Washington Post Warns of Nonexistent Putin October Surprise by Stephen Lendman US media scoundrels are irresponsibly anti-Russia, anti-Putin - the Washington Post among them, CIA-connected through its billionaire owner Jeff Bezos. WaPo suggests Putin plans an October surprise despite no evidence linking Russia to numerous early accusations against it - fabricated stuff entirely for... Continue Reading →

Clintons’ Body Count Mounts

Clintons' Body Count Mounts by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons, dating from when Bill was Arkansas attorney general in the 1970s. Were they suicides as reported or murders? Cover-ups and lack of proper media investigative work conceal full knowledge of what happened. Yet one thing seems clear. Anyone... Continue Reading →

A Big Tax Bite Out of Apple

A Big Tax Bite Out of Apple by Stephen Lendman Corporate predators notoriously finagle tax laws at home and abroad to pay as little as possible in what they owe, nowhere near their fair share - at times getting large rebates despite earnings high profits. Ordinary people and small family businesses like the one I... Continue Reading →

Syria: Victim of US State Terror

Syria: Victim of US State Terror by Stephen Lendman Syria is one of numerous US war theaters - naked aggression against sovereign independent countries to replace their ruling authorities with pro-Western puppet governance. An emailer asked me when WW III might begin. It’s perhaps ongoing with no one noticing, I said - begun with US... Continue Reading →

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