Syria: Victim of US State Terror

Syria: Victim of US State Terror
by Stephen Lendman
Syria is one of numerous US war theaters – naked aggression against sovereign independent countries to replace their ruling authorities with pro-Western puppet governance.
An emailer asked me when WW III might begin. It’s perhaps ongoing with no one noticing, I said – begun with US aggression on Afghanistan, the 9/11 mother of all false flags the pretext, or maybe when the Clintons raped Yugoslavia. Hillary urged husband Bill to wage war.
Things seem certain to become worse ahead – the ominous prospect of war on Russia, China and Iran, all longstanding US regime change targets, obstacles in the way of it achieving unchallenged global dominance.
Defeating Obama’s war on Syria is crucial. If it falls, Iran is next, the fate of the region and beyond at stake. Turkey’s invasion and occupation of northern Syrian territory complicit with Washington shows the futility of Russia/US diplomatic talks – endless discussions achieving nothing toward resolving conflict because America wants war, not peace.
Secretary of War Ashton Carter’s day earlier rhetorical criticism of Turkey’s northern Syrian campaign rang hollow, ignoring US complicity in what’s ongoing.
So were comments by Obama’s special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIL, Brett McGurk, tweeting “we call on all armed actors to stand down and take appropriate measures to deconflict & open channels of communication.”
Fact: Washington and its rogue allies, notably Turkey and Saudi Arabia, actively support ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. No moderate anti-government forces exist. They’re all Western and regional-backed death squads, largely imported from scores of countries.
Fact: Obama wants war escalated, not curtailed. While diplomats talk, Syrians die, mostly defenseless civilians, an ongoing horror with no end in sight.
Pleas by Syria’s government to Ban Ki-moon and Security Council members for help fall on deaf ears each time requested. Letters sent them on Monday said:
“The continued support of France, USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the Turkish regime is a clear support to terrorism, not only in Syria but in all world countries.”
“The Syrian government calls on UN Security council to assume its responsibilities in preserving the international peace and security, and to call on Turkey to immediately withdraw from the Syrian territories, and to respect sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.”
“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns, with the strongest terms, the repeated crimes, violations, aggression and massacres perpetrated by the regime in Ankara against the Syrian people, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.”
“Syria calls on Security Council’s member states to condemn those cowardly crimes and to exert all pressures and take all effective measures to guarantee the recovering of Turkish regime to its senses and forcing it abandon its support of terrorism or using it as a pretext to interfere in the domestic affairs of Syria.”
Washington, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and their rogue allies wage naked aggression while calling it humanitarian intervention or self-defense.
They decry terrorism while supporting it. They massacre civilians while pretending to protect them. On the pretext of liberating Syria, they’re raping it.
Russia’s Foreign Ministry saying “Moscow is…especially alarmed by the prospect that the situation in the conflict zone will continue to deteriorate, resulting in greater civilian losses and heightened ethnic tensions between Arabs and Kurds” isn’t good enough.
Turkish aggression shows Putin/Erdogan talks earlier this month in St. Petersburg achieved nothing toward resolving Syria’s conflict.
Turkey is a NATO member, a longtime US ally, wanting what serves its interests from Russia and America. 
Erdogan prioritizes relations with Washington over Moscow. Putin’s outreach for normalized ties were premature, perhaps futile, unlikely to be achieved as long as both sides are intractably apart on Syria.
Russia wants Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity preserved, the right of its people alone to decide who’ll lead them with no foreign interference.
America, Turkey and their rogue partners want regime change, intend endless war to achieve their objective – no matter the cost in mass slaughter and destruction.
How Russia responds to Turkish aggression remains to be seen. Will it hold back on normalizing ties? Will it step up its own military operations?
Will it decide enough’s enough and combat all terrorist groups waging war on Syrian sovereign independence, not just ISIS and al-Nusra? 
Will it realize that resolving conflict depends on prevailing on the battlefield, not in luxury hotel suites? Does it realize the only language Washington understands is force?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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