NYT Editors Ignore Clinton Foundation Racketeering Practices

NYT Editors Ignore Clinton Foundation Racketeering Practices by Stephen Lendman More than any previous time in US history, America seems poised to anoint a known legally, ethically and morally tainted candidate to the nation’s highest office - testimony to its unprecedented evil, its threat to world peace and what remains of fundamental freedoms. Hillary more... Continue Reading →

America: The Epicenter of Pure Evil

America the Epicenter of Pure Evil by Stephen Lendman No nation in world history harmed more people grievously over a longer duration than America - never beautiful, no bastion of democratic values, no advocate of world peace and stability. Bipartisan lunatics run things, a criminal cabal, humanity’s greatest threat. The domestic and geopolitical agendas of... Continue Reading →

Republicans for Hillary

Republicans for Hillary by Stephen Lendman As part of its daily Trump bashing ritual, The New York Times published a list of scores of Republicans for Hillary, citing fabricated reasons for switching allegiance. It’s not about Trump wanting a wall built on Mexico’s border, wanting Muslim immigration halted “until we can figure out what is... Continue Reading →

Failing TTIP Trade Talks?

Failing TTIP Trade Talks? by Stephen Lendman The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is the deplorable US/EU equivalent of TPP - corporate coup d’etats against the public welfare, ecosanity and fundamental freedoms if enacted into law. Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch calls it the latest attack venue against consumers, environmental protections and democratic values.... Continue Reading →

Turkey Slaughtering Syrian Civilians, World Community Silent

Turkey Slaughtering Syrian Civilians, World Community Silent by Stephen Lendman When America, Israel and their rogue allies wage war, civilians are considered legitimate targets - slaughtered in cold blood unaccountably. Last Wednesday, Turkey, complicit with Washington, invaded Syria, committing naked aggression by any standard. Civilians in combat areas are being slaughtered or injured.  Reported casualties... Continue Reading →

Leading US Imperial Press Agent NYT Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Falsifying Stories

Leading US Imperial Press Agent NYT Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Falsifying Stories by Stephen Lendman The Times is the leading media scoundrel Russia basher, spreading misinformation and Big Lies, vilifying Putin irresponsibly  - its reports turning truth on its head, solely because Moscow remains free from US imperial dominance. Its latest attack piece headlined “A... Continue Reading →

Heading for All-Out War on Syria

Heading for All-Out War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria, aided by Pentagon warplanes, terrorist fighters, and US forces on the ground, may have been prelude to longstanding US plans for toppling Assad forcefully - on the phony pretext of combating terrorism along with blaming him for Obama’s aggression, orchestrated by... Continue Reading →

Hillary’s BleachBit Controversy

Hillary’s BleachBit Controversy by Stephen Lendman BleachBit software is a modern-day version of Orwell’s memory hole - explained in his dystopian 1984 novel. It’s high-tech censorship to disappear inconvenient or embarrassing documents and other records, making it appear they never existed.  In Orwell’s world, the so-called Ministry of Truth rewrote history to match state propaganda.... Continue Reading →

Obamacare: A Failed Experiment

Obamacare: A Failed Experiment by Stephen Lendman Obamacare was designed as a healthcare rationing scheme to benefit drug companies, large hospital chains and insurers - instead of Medicare for all, everyone in, no one left out, everybody treated equally on a level playing field. Healthcare in America comes at double or more the expense compared... Continue Reading →

Who Are the Real Terrorists in Syria?

Who Are the Real Terrorists in Syria? by Stephen Lendman State-sponsored and scoundrel media propaganda on Syria’s conflict is some of the worst in memory. Most Americans and others in Western countries are sublimely ignorant about what’s going on, fed misinformation and Big Lies instead of hard truths about Obama’s dirty war - state terror... Continue Reading →

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