Assad: US Warplanes Willfully Terror-Bombed Syrian Forces

Assad: US Warplanes Willfully Terror-Bombed Syrian Forces
by Stephen Lendman
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad features straight talk in all his remarks – polar opposite Obama’s deplorable demagoguery.
Interviewed by AP News in Damascus, he was candid and straightforward like always, explaining US warplanes terror-bombed Syrian forces near Deir Ezzur last Saturday “intentionally.”
It was no accident, US aggression, flagrantly violating Geneva ceasefire terms – another failed Russian effort for conflict resolution, unattainable when dealing with a rogue adversary.
“(F)our US airplanes” were involved, Assad said, “which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit” longer.
ISIS terrorists “attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike? It was definitely intentional and not unintentional.”
America created and supports anti-government terrorist groups. It’s not combating ISIS and likeminded ones as falsely claimed.
Assad expressed his “commit(ment) to any halt of operations, or if you want to call it a ceasefire.” An earlier February attempt failed. Washington undermined it.
“…I believe that the United States is not genuine regarding having a ceasefire of violence in Syria,” Assad stressed. Supporting terrorist groups instead of combating them proves it.
Washington rejects military cooperation with Russia, said Assad. It “doesn’t have the will to work against” ISIS, al-Nusra or other terrorist groups. Attacking them means “los(ing) a very important card…”
Numerous humanitarian convoys delivered aid in Syria for many months, no incident approaching Monday’s brutal attack happening, Assad explained. So why now and why blame Syria and Russia when their mutual aim is helping long-suffering Syrians, not harming them?
“(W)hatever the American officials say about conflict in Syria…has no credibility. Whatever they say, it’s just lies,” Assad stressed – disgracefully repeated by media scoundrels.
The convoy was attacked by terrorists in an area they control, said Assad. Even the UN reversed its original misinformation, saying no airstrikes hit the convoy, ground fire alone.
Throughout the conflict, Syria has been repeatedly accused of crimes of war and against humanity committed by US-supported terrorists and Pentagon terror-bombing.
What motive could Damascus or Moscow have in targeting civilians they’re sworn to protect? Only elements seeking Syria’s destruction would commit repeated atrocities against defenseless people.
Prospects for conflict resolution are virtually nil, Assad lamented, because America and its rogue allies keep supporting terrorists. Nothing will change until this ends.
At the same time, he remains hopeful. “Some day the war will stop,” he said. Rebuilding the country will follow. For now, it’s “painful” to witness imperial viciousness destroying Syria’s “civilization.” 
Asked if his country would benefit more from a Clinton or Trump presidency next year, he said “(t)he problem with” all US candidates is “they say something during the campaign, (then) do the opposite” when it’s over.
Believing America will ever treat other nations fairly, especially sovereign independent ones, “is only wishful thinking and fantasy,” Assad stressed.
Hegemons operate by their own rules alone, forcing other nations to comply or else.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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