State Department Stonewalling Release of Hillary’s Emails

State Department Stonewalling Release of Hillary’s Emails
by Stephen Lendman
In response to US District Court Judge James Boasberg ordering the State Department to reveal the contents of around 1,050 pages of recovered Hillary emails, setting a time-schedule of 350 pages by October 7, another 350 by October 21 and the remainder by November 4, most potentially incriminating documents remain withheld with no indication of if or when they’ll be released.
The State Department said 5,600 of 15,100 FBI-recovered Hillary emails were government documents, including classified material, not personal communications as Hillary falsely claimed.
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton issued a statement, saying “(t)he public deserves to know what is in those emails, well before November 8, and the State Department should not continue dragging its feet on producing them.”  
“The State Department admitted in court today it pulled staff off of Clinton email Freedom of Information Act requests. The American people need to pressure State to stop sitting on these new Clinton emails for political reasons and release them as the law requires.”  
“It is outrageous the State Department has had these new Clinton emails since late July, but has only released 5 records” – an “absolutely corrupt process,” Fitton stressed, a clear example of unaccountable obstruction of justice.
Commenting on Hillary’s email scandal, the Wall Street Journal said delay in releasing “newly discovered (ones) past election day” could continue controversy over this issue “into her first term in office if she wins the White House in November.”
A previous article discussed Hillary’s BleachBit controversy, software she used to make emails she wanted kept from public view disappear, rendering them unrecoverable.
What’s in them may be far more revealing than what’s known. She’s morally, ethically, legally and emotionally unfit to serve, compounded by possible serious health issues not disclosed.
Elevating her to president and commander-in-chief of America’s military should terrify everyone – humanity’s fate up for grabs with her in power.
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His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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