Kerry Blames Russia and Syria for US High Crimes

Kerry Blames Russia and Syria for US High Crimes
by Stephen Lendman
Here’s an easy, simple to understand and remember definition of a rogue state: the United States of America.
None now or earlier matched its viciousness, ongoing globally with plans for wars from space, almost certain eventual nuclear war if the world community doesn’t challenge and stop its reckless agenda.
No one anywhere is safe from its rage for dominance, using premeditated wars of aggression as its main geopolitical strategy, supplemented by color revolutions, at times coup d’etats the way Brazil’s democracy was lost, the same thing against Honduras and Paraguay on Obama’s watch, Haiti under GW Bush.
America’s high crimes against peace are endless, ongoing daily. Millions of corpses post-9/11 alone attest to its brutality. Never before in human history have things been as perilous as now – likely heading for something much worse if Hillary succeeds Obama, a mentally unstable neocon war goddess too dangerous to let become president and commander-in-chief of America’s military, a prescription for potential disaster.
John Kerry is a diplomat in name only, a closet hawk, goading Moscow irresponsibly, manipulating public opinion, heading America for likely unthinkable war on Russia when Hillary takes over, predictably at this point.
Addressing the right-wing Atlantic and Aspen Institute on Thursday, Kerry discussed Obama’s war on Syria without calling it that, along with Russia’s involvement.
A deplorable stream of misinformation and Big Lies followed, supplemented by an imperial threat. He disgracefully blamed Russia and Syria for ceasefire breaches committed by US-supported terrorists and Pentagon warplanes.
He lied saying “I think there is strong evidence with respect to Syrian regime” responsibility for attacking a UN humanitarian convoy, destroying 18 trucks.
Clear “evidence” shows US-supported terrorists responsible for what happened, likely with full support and encouragement from Washington – to be able to blame Syria and/or Russia for the high crime.
Kerry lied claiming Washington seeks diplomatic conflict resolution. Russia’s forthright efforts are repeatedly undermined by US policymakers.
They want regime change, naked aggression their strategy of choice, subverting peace as long as Assad remains Syria’s leader – democratically reelected in June 2014, remaining overwhelmingly popular.
Freeing Syria from its US-backed terrorist scourge requires winning the battle for Aleppo. Russian aerial support let Syrian ground forces gain a strategic advantage.
US policymakers can’t counter it except with Big Lies, calls for ceasefire so terrorist foot soldiers can regroup, rearm, and mobilize for new attacks, or initiate US war on Russian and Syrian forces, risking a nuclear confrontation.
Kerry lied calling “the bombing of Aleppo…inexcusable.” He lied saying it’s “beyond the pale of any notion of strategic (sic) or otherwise.”
He lied claiming it’s “indiscriminate.” He lied accusing Russian and Syrian warplanes of “t(aking) out a hospital…” He lied accusing both countries of killing “400 civilians…in the last eight days, 100 of them children.”
He threatened Russia, saying it’s “crystal clear…that under those kinds of circumstances, it is not possible to be cooperating” – failing to explain Washington spurns cooperation with Russia, other than coordinating to keep their warplanes from clashing.
“(W)e’re on the verge of suspending” talks with Russia, he blustered. A previous article said his threat should be met with cheers from Moscow. Diplomacy with America wastes time and effort, doomed each time undertaken because US policymakers consistently breach terms agree on.
“(W)e’re going to have to pursue other alternatives for a period of time,” Kerry ranted, with no elaboration. He lied saying “America (isn’t) going to war in Syria.” It’s been waging naked aggression since March 2011, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.
Kerry lied claiming Washington is “at war against ISIL and we are going to win that war, (and) we are making enormous progress.”
Since US warplanes began bombing Iraq and Syria (in June and September 2014 respectively), part of its phony war on terrorism, ISIS and likeminded groups got stronger – because of arms, munitions and other material support supplied by Washington and its rogue partners.
Russian and Syrian warplanes strictly observe international laws on war – unlike America and its terrorist foot soldiers, ruthlessly massacring civilians and striking non-military-related targets.
Kerry lied claiming “(i)t is inappropriate to be bombing the way they are.” He lied saying “(i)t is completely against the laws of war.”
He lied blustering “it is against decency…against any common morality.” He lied claiming “the need to fight against extremism…to prevent (Syria) from breaking up…” US policy is polar opposite.
“I’m not happy with Syria,” he said. Of course not with Russian and Syrian forces foiling Washington’s imperial objective – its aim for unchallenged regional and global dominance, humanity’s worst fate if achieved, other than nuclear armageddon.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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