Israeli Minister Urges Greater West Bank Land Theft

Israeli Minister Urges Greater West Bank Land Theft by Stephen Lendman Israel is run by a lunatic fringe combination of fascist hardliners, Zionist zealots and religious extremists.  Education Minister Naftali Bennett is an over-the-top ultra-right-wing ideologue, urging unlimited settlement expansions on stolen Palestinian land, an ethnic cleansing policy for exclusive Jewish development. He believes Jews... Continue Reading →

Comey Accused of Interfering in US Election

Comey Accused of Interfering in US Presidential Election by Stephen Lendman Had Comey recommended Hillary be held criminally responsible for mishandling classified State Department documents last July, along with perjury for lying to the FBI and Congress, a firestorm of criticism wouldn’t have followed his Friday announcement. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D. NV) accused... Continue Reading →

Harvard Undergrads for Hillary

Harvard Undergrads for Hillary by Stephen Lendman According to the student newspaper Harvard Crimson’s October survey, 87% of undergrads support Hillary. A scant 6% back Trump, 5.8% for Libertarian Gary (“what’s Aleppo”) Johnson, and less than 1% for Harvard College and Medical School graduate Jill Stein - the only people’s candidate running. Around one-third of... Continue Reading →

Saudi Warplanes Continue Massacring Yemeni Civilians

Saudi Warplanes Continue Massacring Yemeni Civilians by Stephen Lendman US naked aggression on Yemen gets scant scoundrel media coverage. It includes undeclared drone war begun post-9/11, Obama continuing what George Bush began, civilians harmed most of all.  In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other regional rogue states, backed by America and its NATO partners, began... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Eastern Aleppo Aerial Operations Remain Suspended

Russia’s Eastern Aleppo Aerial Operations Remain Suspended by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said “Russian and Syrian aircraft have not performed any flights over the city of Aleppo for 13 days…”  “For comparison, the US-led international coalition has delivered nine airstrikes over the last 24 hours at residential quarters of... Continue Reading →

Will FBI Director Comey’s October Surprise Derail Hillary’s White House Bid?

Will FBI Director Comey’s October Surprise Derail Hillary’s White House Bid? by Stephen Lendman Having closed his earlier investigation into Hillary’s use of her private email server for classified State Department documents without bringing charges, dismissing indictable evidence, it’s hard imagining a shift of agency policy now. So what’s going on? Is FBI Director Comey... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels For Hillary React to Comey’s Bombshell

Media Scoundrels for Hillary React to Comey’s Bombshell by Stephen Lendman Leading broadsheets New York Times and Washington Post have gone all-out for Hillary throughout months of campaigning - one-sidedly supporting her, denigrating Trump relentlessly. Comey’s unexpected Friday bombshell shocked them, leaving them scrambling to react. The Times called Comey’s letter to Congress “cryptic…fail(ing) to... Continue Reading →

UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine Blasts Israel

UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine Blasts Israel by Stephen Lendman How many years of illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine are too many? How long will the international community tolerate its vicious persecution of millions of defenseless people? How long will its longstanding slow-motion genocide policy be allowed to continue unchallenged?  Every day is Kristallnacht in... Continue Reading →

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