Trump Bashing on Steroids

Trump Bashing on Steroids
by Stephen Lendman
With November 8 elections approaching, pro-Hillary media scoundrels are stepping up their one-sided coverage – deplorable rubbish not fit to print, featuring a torrent of press agent reporting, showing they’re more of a collective laughing stock than already.
Why does anyone waste time following them along with round-the-clock cable news pro-Hillary/anti-Trump reporting?
The latest New York Times edition has over a dozen anti-Trump reports, including its lead editorial – with nary a discouraging word on Hillary, one-sidedly denigrating one candidate while shamelessly promoting the other.
Saturday’s Washington Post has more anti-Trump reports than The Times, including three editorials, virtually unheard of in one edition on the same topic.
One headlined “The clear and present danger of Donald Trump,” saying “he could, unilaterally, change this country to the core. By remaking US relations with other nations, he could fundamentally reshape the world, too.”
Fact: Powerful monied interests run America, no single individual unilaterally. It’s been this way from inception. While presidents can make policy on their own by executive orders and other means, including decisions on US relations with other countries, Congress and the courts have much to say on how the nation is governed – with one major exception.
The executive can and has gone to war extrajudicially on his own. Obama bombed seven countries with no legal authority, violating international and US laws. 
He ordered combat troops deployed to various countries, notably Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. He ousted democratically elected presidents in Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine and Brazil. He tried and failed in Venezuela and Ecuador. 
US special forces operate in at least two-thirds of world nations, overtly and covertly – not as goodwill ambassadors. Presidents can wage nuclear war on their own – the extreme danger of having war goddess Hillary as America’s leader.
Fact: No US duopoly power president would or could unilaterally “change this country to its core.” None ever did. None would try. At the same time, if Trump normalized relations with Russia alone, he could save “the world” and humanity from possible nuclear war – the major threat Hillary poses.
Policies WaPo editors’ fear about what he might institute or support as president are currently part of the national agenda, no matter which duopoly power wing runs things. 
All politicians lie. What they do in office virtually always differs markedly from campaign pledges. Based on her longstanding deplorable record, we know what Hillary is likely to do – including waging endless wars, likely escalating them, maybe pushing the envelope recklessly toward nuclear war, a doomsday scenario if launched.
Neither Trump or Hillary deserves anyone’s support. Of the two, she clearly poses a far greater clear and present danger.
A second WaPo Saturday editorial accused Trump of “normalizing bigotry,” failing to explain America’s longstanding racist history.
It’s far worse today than during Jim Crow years, killer cops operating with impunity nationwide, immigrants of color denigrated. Obama deported more undocumented ones than any of his predecessors by far.
WaPo’s third Saturday editorial targeted Libertarian party presidential nominee Gary Johnson – asking if his supporters want Trump to win.
Its purpose was to shift support from him to Hillary. Denigrating him was solely for this purpose.
WaPo, like most other media scoundrels, want her succeeding Obama, the establishment favorite – never mind how recklessly dangerous she is.
Trump bashing exceeds anything seen before in US presidential politics – unprecedented viciousness, obscene, no-holds-barred character assassination, not letting facts interfere with opinions.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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