America Wants War, Not Peace, Says Assad

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October 7, 2016
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October 7, 2016
America Wants War, Not Peace, Says Syria’s Assad
by Stephen Lendman
America’s agenda in Syria is clear to everyone following daily events – wanting war, not peace, regime change, not respect for sovereign independent governance, no matter the cost in human lives, vast destruction and appalling widespread misery.
If US policymakers wanted peace as they claim, why did they wage naked aggression in the first place, using terrorist fighters to massacre civilians, committing horrific atrocities?
Why did they up to now continue the charade of diplomatic efforts for conflict resolution? Why did Pentagon warplanes massacre Syrian soldiers after Geneva ceasefire terms were consummated – falsely calling mass-murder a mistake when the whole world knows it was a deliberate effort to sabotage peace, or should?
Why do US policymakers and their spokespersons threaten escalated war? Interviewed by Denmark’s TV 2 channel, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave straight talk answers like he always does in discussing war on his country.
Syrian forces don’t launch attacks, he said – in Aleppo or anywhere else. They’re involved in “liberating every part of Syria” from terrorist-held areas.
Foreign-supported extremists are responsible for dire conditions in Aleppo and elsewhere nationwide – Damascus and Russia falsely blamed.
In terrorist-controlled areas, horrific conditions existed for years, defenseless civilians suffering from war related violence and other high crimes. “(B)ut we only heard about that ‘dire situation’ in the (Western) media recently” because terrorists are suffering, Assad explained.
Damascus never prevented food, medical supplies or other life essentials “from entering east Aleppo” or anywhere else. “There’s no embargo,” said Assad. It’s government’s responsibility “to encircle the terrorists…to liberate every part of the city.”
Assad debunked false accusations about Syrian forces bombing hospitals and killing civilians. He explained how Western media ignore daily terrorist shellings responsible for civilian carnage.
What strategic benefit could Damascus or Moscow possibly achieve by attacking civilian targets? America and its rogue allies benefit greatly by blaming their countries for terrorists’ crimes, compounded by Pentagon terror-bombing.
Assad blasted unconscionable Western propaganda, irresponsible misreporting throughout years of conflict, despicable turning truth on its head.
He remains president because of overwhelming popular support, he explained. Without it he wouldn’t have remained in power.
He’ll continue going all-out to liberate all parts of Aleppo and other terrorist-controlled areas. As president, he’s mandated to do it.
“There’s no other option,” he stressed. “We won’t accept that terrorists will take control of any part of Syria…This is our mission…our goal…”
He absolutely prefers diplomatic conflict resolution over war. Anti-government forces laying down their arms are guaranteed amnesty, free “to go back to their normal life.”
He knew Russia/US talks would fail because Washington wants war, not peace. The so-called “moderate opposition is a myth…(Y)ou cannot separate something that doesn’t exist from something that exists.” All anti-government forces are terrorists, he stressed.
He’s “worrie(d)” about hawkish extremists in Washington urging attacks on Syria’s military, risking possible confrontation with Russia.
Syria’s sovereignty is threatened. Assad’s constitutional mandate is defending the nation and its people by combating foreign-supported terrorists – hoping diplomatic conflict resolution will follow.
“I wish we can solve everything politically…but it’s not about what I wish. It’s about the facts on the ground,” he stressed.
A Final Comment
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakhavova bluntly said regime change in Syria, if successful, would unleash an aftermath “tens of times” worse than Libyan violence and chaos – a stark warning for what to expect if US-supported terrorism isn’t defeated.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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