Mixed Messages from Moscow on Aleppo

Mixed Messages from Moscow on Aleppo by Stephen Lendman On Friday, Russian General Staff of the Armed Forces head Gen. Sergey Rudskoi said “(s)ince civilians continue dying and the militants have resumed active combat actions against government forces, we've asked the Supreme Commander (President Vladimir Putin) to authorize resumption of airsrikes at illegal paramilitary formations... Continue Reading →

Russia Documents US Sabotage of Agreements Between Both Countries on Syria

Russia Documents US Sabotage of Agreements Between Both Countries on Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia’s document, titled “Comparison Analysis of Russia-US Agreements Implementation” on the long-running Syrian conflict, submitted to UN authorities, Security Council members and other agencies shows willful US undermining of principles agreed to - typical of how Washington operates, pledging one thing,... Continue Reading →

US-Supported Terrorists Shell Russian Embassy in Damascus

US-Supported Terrorists Shell Russian Embassy in Damascus by Stephen Lendman They’ve done it before without causing casualties or damage. According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, terrorists fired two mortar rounds at the embassy’s compound. One shell exploded near the diplomatic mission’s entrance, damaging the building and four vehicles. The attack came from terrorist-controlled Jobar district. On... Continue Reading →

FBI Director Comey’s October Surprise

FBI Director Comey’s October Surprise by Stephen Lendman It doesn’t matter. The Clintons are untouchable. Despite clear evidence of war crimes, racketeering, perjury, and Hillary’s email scandal, along with suspicion of murder, and who knows what else, they’re heading back to the White House in January. Electoral rigging virtually assures it. FBI director James Comey’s... Continue Reading →

America Wants War, not Peace, in Syria

America Wants War, not Peace, in Syria by Stephen Lendman If America wanted peace, why did Obama attack Syria unjustifiably in March 2011, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers? Why did he go to war against a nonbelligerent country threatening no one - violating international and constitutional law, with full scoundrel... Continue Reading →

November Election Rigged for Hillary

November Election Rigged for Hillary by Stephen Lendman I’ve said before it’s all over but the postmortems - Hillary virtually certain to succeed Obama by fair or foul means, likely the latter, election rigging a longstanding US tradition. Tedious months of campaigning had no effect on November’s outcome - decided for Hillary before she announced... Continue Reading →

Russia and Syria Blamed for Idlib Bombing Hoax

Russia and Syria Blamed for Idlib Bombing Hoax by Stephen Lendman Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi on Thursday, Putin said Russian patience has limits.  “We(‘ve) show(n) restraint so far and (haven’t) respond(ed) to our partners (sic) in the same gauche manner, but everything has its limits. We can do it,” he... Continue Reading →

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