Hillary’s Catastrophic Agenda

Hillary’s Catastrophic Agenda by Stephen Lendman With November 8 fast approaching, Hillary looks almost certain to succeed Obama - most Americans mindless of what she represents. During two earlier terms, she and husband Bill partnered in each other’s high crimes, their co-presidency about to get a third term. This time, she’s the senior partner, an... Continue Reading →

Trump v. Hillary: Sin City Spectacle

Trump v. Hillary: Sin City Spectacle by Stephen Lendman According to Pew Research, the economy tops the list of most important issues for US voters - followed by terrorism, foreign policy (war and peace), healthcare, gun policy, immigration, Social Security, education, Supreme Court appointments, treatment of racial and ethnic minorities, trade, the environment, abortion, as... Continue Reading →

Draining the East Aleppo Swamp

Draining the East Aleppo Swamp by Stephen Lendman A humanitarian pause in eastern Aleppo will continue beyond Thursday, provided US-supported terrorists honor it - unlikely given continued scattered fighting and failure of all earlier cessation of conflict efforts. According to the Russian language Izvestia broadsheet, Russian and Syrian forces intend draining the eastern Aleppo swamp... Continue Reading →

Shaky Russian/Syrian Ceasefire in East Aleppo

Shaky Russian/Syrian Ceasefire in East Aleppo by Stephen Lendman If things hold true to form, Syrian/Russian declared ceasefire in East Aleppo won’t prove more successful than earlier efforts to halt fighting.  Agreed on Geneva terms last month were undermined by Pentagon warplanes massacring scores of Syrian soldiers, a willful act of mass murder to continue... Continue Reading →

Media Bias for Hillary

Media Bias for Hillary by Stephen Lendman It’s old news supported by newly released Center for Public Integrity (CPI) information. More on this below. Campaigning yesterday in Colorado, Trump called media scoundrels “more crooked than crooked Hillary” - again saying November’s election is “rigged.” Ignore mainstream reports, he urged. “(R)ead the Internet” instead. In North... Continue Reading →

Whacking Trump Ahead of Final “Debate” Spectacle

Whacking Trump Ahead of Final “Debate” Spectacle by Stephen Lendman Since Trump announced his presidential candidacy last year, media scoundrels waged an unprecedented vilification campaign against him, intensified after he emerged last GOP aspirant standing. Ahead of Wednesday night’s last one-on-one hurrah, lead media scoundrel character assassins New York Times and Washington Post softened him... Continue Reading →

Lord Protect Us From Another US Presidential “Debate” Spectacle

Lord Protect Us From Another US Presidential “Debate” Spectacle by Stephen Lendman Thankfully Wednesday night ends them for this electoral cycle, their painful echoes lingering in deplorable scoundrel media reports - automatically saying Hillary won, Trump lost like two previous encounters. Should anyone care? This year’s staged spectacles won’t determine November’s outcome - not with... Continue Reading →

US-Supported Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo Ignored Russian/Syrian Ceasefire

US-Supported Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo Ignored Russian/Syrian Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced a joint Russian/Syrian 48-hour ceasefire to deliver humanitarian aid and let terrorist fighters and civilians leave eastern Aleppo voluntarily - their safe passage guaranteed. US-backed jihadists rejected the offer, vowing to continue fighting to oust Assad... Continue Reading →

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