Trump v. Hillary on Russia

Trump v. Hillary on Russia by Stephen Lendman Hillary’s likely ascension to power next year risks belligerent confrontation with Russia, possible nuclear war. Putin earlier warned of “being pulled in an irreversible direction.” His warning remains unheeded. Hillary’s anti-Russia hostility risks the unthinkable. Trump’s worldview could save humanity from crossing a catastrophic red line of... Continue Reading →

US and UK Want RT International Silenced

US and UK Want RT International Silenced by Stephen Lendman America, Britain and their rogue partners want total control over information dissemination, alternative voices silenced - things headed incrementally in this direction. A major false flag ahead may rip the mask off their Machiavellian intentions entirely, a death blow for fundamental freedoms following - most... Continue Reading →

Imperial Tool NYT Calls RT International “a Snarky Anti-West” Kremlin Mouthpiece

Imperial Tool NYT Calls RT International “a Snarky Anti-West” Kremlin Mouthpiece by Stephen Lendman The NYT long ago lost credibility, deplorably serving as a press agent for wealth, power and privilege - publishing virtual state-sponsored propaganda on major world and national issues, especially when America goes to war. In contrast, RT International broadcasts real news,... Continue Reading →

Israel Arresting Palestinian Youths for Facebook Posts

Israel Arresting Palestinian Youths for Facebook Posts by Stephen Lendman For nearly half a century, Palestinians have endured brutal occupation harshness. They’ve been ruthlessly persecuted, denied their fundamental human and civil rights, falsely arrested, imprisoned, tortured or murdered at Israel’s discretion - youths and children treated as viciously as adults. On October 17, Defense for... Continue Reading →

US Supplying Terrorists in Aleppo With TOW Antitank Missiles

US Supplying Terrorists in Aleppo With TOW Guided Antitank Missiles by Stephen Lendman These weapons have been around since 1970, upgraded over time for greater accuracy and destructive power. ISIS was earlier supplied with shoulder-launched, man-portable, easy to operate, surface-to-air missiles (SAMS), able to down helicopters and low-flying aircraft. Perhaps terrorists in east Aleppo are... Continue Reading →

Western War on Truth-Telling Intensifying

Western War on Truth-Telling Intensifying by Stephen Lendman Media freedom on air, online and in print is too vital to lose. Without it, all other fundamental rights are endangered. In America and EU countries, tyranny is fast replacing free societies, heading toward becoming full-blown - WikiLeaks and RT International the latest targets. On October 17,... Continue Reading →

Vladimir Putin: Today’s Paul Revere

Vladimir Putin: Today’s Paul Revere by Stephen Lendman Paul Revere is best remembered for alerting colonial America to Britain’s imminent invasion. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized him in his poem “Paul Revere’s Ride,” its memorable opening lines, saying: “Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere” How well I remember... Continue Reading →

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