Putin Blasts US Cyberthreats

Putin Blasts US Cyberthreats by Stephen Lendman Maybe he’ll stop calling America Russia’s “partner,” knowing relations are increasingly adversarial and hostile. US bipartisan policymakers bear full responsibility, despite good faith Moscow efforts for normal relations and mutual cooperation. Putin commented following Joe Biden’s unprecedented threat,  after NBC News reported “(t)he Obama administration is contemplating an... Continue Reading →

Failure in Lausanne on Syria

Failure in Lausanne on Syria by Stephen Lendman On October 15, Sergey Lavrov, John Kerry and their Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Jordanian, Egyptian, Saudi and Qatari counterparts, along with pro-Western UN envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, met in five-star luxury at Lausanne’s Beau-Rivage Palace hotel.  As expected, nothing was accomplished toward resolving Syria’s made in... Continue Reading →

Neocon Washington Post Endorses War Goddess/She Devil Hillary for President

Neocon Washington Post Endorses War Goddess/She Devil Hillary for President by Stephen Lendman WaPo editors and commentators endorsed her all along. Now it’s official - while continuing relentless war on Trump, matching NYT viciousness, at times exceeding it. Calling him “bigoted, ignorant, deceitful, narcissistic, vengeful, petty, misogynistic, fiscally reckless, intellectually lazy, contemptuous of democracy, enamored... Continue Reading →

Trump’s First 100 Days 8-Point Plan As President

Trump’s First 100 Days 8-Point Plan As President by Stephen Lendman Trump and Clinton represent dirty business as usual. She’s far more ruthless and dangerous, world peace threatened under her leadership, an emotionally unstable war goddess/she devil. Jill Stein is the only people’s candidate, a true anti-war progressive, supporting democratic governance of, by and for... Continue Reading →

Obama Preparing for Hillary to Wage War on Russia?

Obama Preparing for Hillary to Wage War on Russia? by Stephen Lendman Provocative US actions against Russia seem heading inevitably toward open conflict, madness if initiated.  Anything willful or accidental could spark devastating war, unlike anything experienced earlier - today’s super-weapons able to turn cities to smoldering rubble, millions perishing in the onslaught. Longstanding US... Continue Reading →

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