Memorable Tribute to Fidel

Memorable Tribute to Fidel
by Stephen Lendman
Tuesday in Havana was a night to remember. Fidelistas turned out en masse at the Plaza de la Revolucion to honor their beloved leader, now passed. 
World dignitaries joined them, notably from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. “I am Fidel,” “Viva Fidel,” and “United, the people will never be defeated,” thousands chanted.
Honoring his late brother, Raul Castro said “(w)e and our self-sacrificing, combative and heroic people say to you: Ever onward to victory.” In other comments and tweets, he said:
“When an energetic nation cries, injustice trembles,” quoting Fidel.
“We are here to confirm before Fidel that we will continue the fight.”
“As Fidel said, ‘The youth hold the future in their hands.’ “
“Here with Fidel we declared Cuba free from illiteracy in December of 1961!”
“Faced with aggressions backed by the USA, Fidel proclaimed that behind the revolution and the Cuban flag there is a proud people.”
“Fidel’s principles and words resound in this plaza today.”
“We are thankful for all of the wishes, the solidarity and the kind words.”
As Raul prepared to speak, thousands chanted Hasta Siempre Comandante. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said “(i)t is now up to us to carry the banners of socialism for Fidel, for Marti. And we swear we will.”
Fidel “fulfilled his mission on this earth. Few lives have been so complete, so bright. He left us unconquered.”
He quoted Fidel saying “I already did what I had to do. Now it’s up to you.”
Obama snubbed Fidel’s tribute by  having two administration aides represent him. Trump disgracefully called Fidel “a brutal dictator,” saying “(i)f Cuba is reluctant to reach a better agreement for the Cuban people, for the Cuban-American people and for the United States as a whole, I will put an end to the agreement.”
Obama’s December 2014 pledge about “charting a new course on Cuba” concealed continued dirty business as usual – strategy and tactics alone changing, not objectives.
Embargo, limited US travel and other restrictions remain in place. So does longstanding hostility toward Cuban sovereign independence.
Normalized relations aren’t possible without ending over half a century of lawless embargo, easily accomplished by executive order, no congressional authorization needed.
A previous article asked if Trump intends ending 56 years of lawless US embargo. He pledged more cooperative relations with other countries – diplomacy over confrontation.
His hostile statement isn’t encouraging. Fidel liberated Cuba from US colonial rule. Raul and a new generation of patriots aren’t about to sacrifice it to Trump or anyone else!
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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