Fidel’s Ashes Begin Journey to Final Resting Place

Fidel’s Ashes Begin Journey to Final Resting Place
by Stephen Lendman
Since his death last Friday evening, I’ve written daily articles honoring his legacy. America and other Western societies never had leadership remotely approaching his stature – an anti-imperial social and political revolutionary giant.
After two days of emotional tributes in Havana, a “caravan of freedom” began a four-day journey to his final resting place in Santiago, where his revolution began.
Hundreds of thousands massed in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolucion Tuesday evening to pay him tribute. On Wednesday, his glass-covered flag-draped coffin surrounded by white flowers left Havana, arriving in Santiago on Saturday.
Cubans massed along its route, chanting “I am Fidel” and “Viva Fidel.” Overnight before departure, thousands “lit the night with their phones,” said one report.
En route, Fidel’s caravan stopped symbolically in Santa Clara where Che Guevara’s ashes are interred. Fidel once said at times he dreamed of having conversations with him after his 1967 capture and execution in Bolivia.
On Saturday, December 3, a mass rally will be held in Santiago’s Antonio Maceo Square – burial on Sunday at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.
The Kremlin quoted Vladimir Putin, saying “(t)his outstanding statesman is considered to be a symbol of an entire era in modern world history.” 
“A free and independent Cuba built by him and his colleagues has become an influential member of the international community and served as an inspiring example for many countries and nations.”
Putin called Fidel a “sincere and reliable friend of Russia. His memory will always remain in the hearts of the Russian people.”
On Tuesday, ministers Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Shoigu, along with Russian parliamentarians paid tribute to Fidel at Cuba’s Moscow embassy.
Russia’s upper house Federation Council began a working session with a minute of silence in his honor.
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