Filing and Draining the Swamp

Filling and Draining the Swamp by Stephen Lendman Appointing generals and billionaires to top administration posts isn’t what most people consider “draining the swamp.” In fairness, judge them by their actions. Most aren’t in office yet, Senate Dems holding up confirmations - one of many appalling examples of how America is run. Trump’s EO on... Continue Reading →

European Council President Hypes Nonexistent Threats

European Council President Hypes Nonexistent Threats by Stephen Lendman Like America, the only geopolitical threats Europe faces are ones it invents, no others. Not according to European Council President Donald Tusk, stoking fear irresponsibly, calling America under Trump, China and Russia threats to Europe. Speaking in Tallinn, Estonia, his remarks mirrored what he said in... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Outrage Over US Imperial Wars?

Where’s the Outrage Over US Imperial Wars? by Stephen Lendman Days of protests in America against Trump’s entry into America order smack of dark forces manipulating and agitating against him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Denigration of Muslims is longstanding in America, taken to a fever pitch post-9/11, wrongfully portraying them as... Continue Reading →

Anti-Trumpism Still Raging

Anti-Trumpism Still Raging by Stephen Lendman Nationwide street protests following Trump’s entry into America order are more about him than his EO. Are pro-Hillary dark forces behind them? Was Obama appointee, acting Attorney General Sally Yates, part of it. Agree or disagree with his action, she refused to enforce it, a legitimate cause for dismissal,... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Proposed Syria Safe Zones

Trump’s Proposed Syria Safe Zones by Stephen Lendman Syrians need all the help they can get, America fully responsible for ravaging the country, together with its rogue allies. Trump’s safe zones proposal remains unclear, no details forthcoming so far. Russia is amenable to establishing them, likely under UN auspices, as long as Damascus agrees and... Continue Reading →

Sergey Lavrov Blasts America’s Imperial Agenda

Sergey Lavrov Blasts America’s Imperial Agenda by Stephen Lendman He’s a world-class diplomat, a model foreign minister, working tirelessly for world peace and stability - shaming his US counterparts, supporting endless wars on humanity. Last week, he repeated what he said many times before. Sovereign independence is inviolable. No nation has the right to interfere... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Entry Into America Order Unrelated to Border and National Security Protection

Trump’s Entry Into America Order Unrelated to Border and National Security Protection by Stephen Lendman The best way to protect America is by no longer attacking other countries, massacring their people, looting their resources, ruthlessly seeking unchallenged global dominance - along with harming its most vulnerable citizens and residents.  Decision-making in Washington is all about... Continue Reading →

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