Neocon Infested Congress Proposes Preemptive War on Iran

Neocon Infested Congress Proposes Preemptive War on Iran
by Stephen Lendman
Trump’s geopolitical agenda is largely unknown. His foreign policy point man, secretary of state designee Rex Tillerson, has yet to be confirmed.
Neocons infesting Congress are well known. HJ Resolution 10, introduced in early January, is titled “Authorization of Use of Force Against Iran Resolution” on the phony pretext of preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons it doesn’t want, urging abolition of these weapons altogether.
Their existence risks eventually using them, by design or accidentally, threatening humanity’s survival.
War plans on Iran were prepared years ago, updated through the years, depending on conditions at the time.
Enormous pressure is exerted on Washington to attack the Islamic Republic by Israel and AIPAC, despite no credible Iranian threat, not now or at any time since the 1979 revolution.
HJ 10 lied, claiming “Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon has and will continue to destabilize the region” – threatening America and its “allies in the region.” Utter nonsense!
The measure is madness. It authorizes the president to use military force as “determine(d) necessary appropriate in order to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons” – without Security Council or congressional authorization, a flagrant breach of international and constitutional law, if ordered.
Trump sent mixed signals earlier. On the one hand, he argued against interventionism, saying it wasted trillions of dollars, created a deplorable mess, accomplishing nothing except turning nations to rubble and making more enemies than friends.
On the other, he’s been militantly anti-Iran for years, vowing to renegotiate the nuclear deal “or worse,” ludicrously claiming Tehran “suckered us.” In 2007, he said “I believe you have to go in and strike Iran – not with soldiers,” he added. “(W)e’ve changed.”
He absurdly believes the nuclear deal paves the way for Tehran to develop nuclear weapons, despite no evidence suggesting it – while ignoring Israel’s illegal nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals.
Tehran has great cause for concern with Trump as US president. His ideologically over-the-top support for Israel risks big trouble.
Hostility toward China and Iran would destroy the credibility of his outreach to Russia.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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