Obama, Hillary and GW Bush on Trump

Obama, Hillary and GW Bush on Trump by Stephen Lendman His deplorable record so far aside, Obama and GW Bush aren’t allies - for sure not Hillary, still seething from her electoral loss, likely plotting revenge, maybe involved in anti-Trump protests behind the scenes. On Tuesday, Trump accused Obama of possibly being behind protests against... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Wartime Budget

Trump’s Wartime Budget by Stephen Lendman Information on Trump’s budget was leaked ahead of his Tuesday night address to Congress. It shows he’s a wartime president like his predecessors, an imperial interventionist, a big spender, mostly on the wrong things - at the expense of too many of the right ones. He wants another $54... Continue Reading →

Mass Slaughter and Destruction in Mosul

Mass Slaughter and Destruction in Mosul by Stephen Lendman Iraq was Bush/Cheney’s war, following what began under Jimmy Carter. Obama continued it. Trump owns it. Decades of US genocidal war on the cradle of civilization continues on his watch - on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, America’s creation used as imperial foot soldiers. US-led... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Plan to Defeat ISIS?

Pentagon Plan to Defeat ISIS? by Stephen Lendman America created and supports ISIS. So do NATO, Israel and other regional rogue states. It’s heavy weapons and other material support don’t materialize out of thin air. They come from foreign backers, including by US airdrops. Trump’s stated intention to defeat ISIS so far is just political... Continue Reading →

The Latest NYT Fake News on Russia

The Latest NYT Fake News on Russia by Stephen Lendman An easy way to be misinformed and stay that way is by following Times reports - all fake news all the time on issues mattering most, especially geopolitical ones. Many of its reports read like Pentagon handouts, especially ones related to US imperial wars and... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Honors Terrorism

Hollywood Honors Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Hollywood Academy Awards are all about film promotion for profits, unrelated to the industry’s best, way too little of it around. They also reflect longstanding Tinseltown ties to Washington. Scripts feature pro-Western propaganda.  Studio bosses are well compensated for colluding in glorifying America’s wars and demonizing its enemies -... Continue Reading →

Hillary Planning a 2020 White House Run?

Hillary Planning a 2020 White House Run? by Stephen Lendman She tried and failed twice. Does she have another run in mind? Reports suggest she may launch a TV talk show, featuring her as host, perhaps intending it to be platform for a third presidential campaign. She considers herself party leader in exile, likely seeks... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Superior Air Defense Systems

Russia’s Superior Air Defense Systems by Stephen Lendman US-dominated NATO threatens Russian security. State-of-the-art air defenses are vital. Russia has the world’s best - better ones coming by 2020 or sooner. More on this below. Its S-400 air defense system is unmatched - the world’s most sophisticated technology, able to strike targets up to 400... Continue Reading →

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