Netanyahu Meets Trump in Washington

Netanyahu Meets Trump in Washington
by Stephen Lendman
When US and Israeli leaders meet, nothing beneficial for Palestinians follows, their fundamental rights paid lip service to alone.
Expect nothing different this time, Trump perhaps shaping up to be the most one-sided pro-Israeli US leader since the establishment of the Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land.
According to an unnamed White House official, Trump’s goal is regional peace, short of explaining how he intends pursuing it.
He won’t press for a two-state solution, a long ago outdated notion with Israel controlling around 85% of historic Palestine, stealing more of its land daily.
If peace talks resume, they’ll be dead-on-arrival like all previous times. Israel rejects conflict resolution. So does Washington. Wars and instability serve their agenda, the way it’s always been.
Trump intends to show he’s more pro-Israeli than any of his predecessors. That spells bad news for Palestinians, especially with administration Zionists making policy on Israel in his administration.
On Tuesday night, Netanyahu met Tillerson at the State Department ahead of a midday Wednesday White House Trump/Israeli leader press conference, followed by a private meeting between them, an unusual reverse order of things.
Before departing for Washington, Netanyahu said bilateral relations are “about to get even stronger.” He and Trump “see eye-to-eye” on regional issues, bad news for most nations in it.
According to Israeli media, Netanyahu intends telling Trump he’s against Palestinian statehood, Israel’s longstanding position from inception, despite at times posturing publicly otherwise.
The only solution is one state for all its people. Nothing else can work. Israel and Washington reject the notion. 
It’s unattainable unless the international community demands it – maybe some day, for sure no time soon.
Both leaders will discuss issues of mutual interest, including US/Israeli relations, generous US aid Netanyahu wants more of, Iran, settlements, another worthless round of peace talks, and the increasingly unlikely possibility of Trump moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem.
Maybe planning another regional war is on Wednesday’s agenda.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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