Iran Key Player in Combating Terrorism in Syria

Iran Key Player in Combating Terrorism in Syria by Stephen Lendman Iran is falsely accused by Washington, Israel, AIPAC and other dark forces of being the world’s “biggest sponsor of terrorism” - a despicable Big Lie. It’s the price it pays for 38 years of sovereign independence, free from US dominance, refusing to serve its... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Phony New Settlement Construction Policy

Netanyahu’s Phony New Settlement Construction Policy by Stephen Lendman The new policy replicates the existing one - unrestrained construction on stolen Palestinian land. On the one hand, Israel said it’ll “significantly rein in the footprint” of settlement construction, limiting it “wherever possible” in new areas - a meaningless statement, intending unrestrained longstanding policy. Netanyahu proved... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing Senate Hearing

Russia Bashing Senate Hearing by Stephen Lendman   Thursday’s hearing on Russia was reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition - a nation and its leadership on trial, spurious accusations featured, made-for-television witch-hunt proceedings.  McCarthyism is back on steroids. Intense bipartisan Russia bashing risks possible military confrontation. Fabricated claims about Russian US election hacking persist - despite... Continue Reading →

US Phony War on Terror

US Phony War on Terror by Stephen Lendman America seeks global conquest and dominance, a diabolical agenda threatening humanity’s survival. Its so-called war on terror is a fabricated hoax - state-sponsored terror to advance its imperium by smashing one sovereign independent state after another. Democracy and humanitarian intervention are Washington’s most destructive exports, aiming to... Continue Reading →

Nikki Haley’s Historical Revisionism

Nikki Haley’s Historical Revisionism by Stephen Lendman In March 29 remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations, Haley called America “the moral conscience of the world.” Orwellian dystopia more accurately describes the horrors of US policies. Haley’s disinformation fell flat. “(H)uman rights are at the heart of” America’s UN mission, she blustered, ignoring its rape,... Continue Reading →

Slim Chances for Improved US/Russia Relations

Slim Chances for Improved US/Russia Relations by Stephen Lendman According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House “pushe(d) off the Kremlin’s proposals for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin and takes an increasingly skeptical view of reaching a grand bargain with Moscow.” In mid-April, Tillerson will meet with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow for the... Continue Reading →

Brazil’s Coup Plotter Convicted on Corruption Charges

Brazil’s Coup Plotter Convicted on Corruption Charges by Stephen Lendman Former Brazilian Chamber of Deputies president Eduardo Cunha was convicted on corruption and related charges in connection with Operation Car Wash, a scandal involving state-owned oil company Petrobras. Last May, Brazil’s Supreme Court suspended him as lower house speaker for attempting to intimidate members of... Continue Reading →

Neocon US General Urges War on Iran

Neocon US General Urges War on Iran by Stephen Lendman Iran threatens no one. It’s a leading global advocate for peace, stability, and mutual cooperation among all nations.  Russia’s geopolitical agenda fosters the same objectives. US policies are polar opposite, waging endless wars of aggression against sovereign independent countries - wanting pro-Western puppet regimes replacing... Continue Reading →

CENTCOM Commander on Phony Regional Threats

CENTCOM Commander on Phony Regional Threats by Stephen Lendman America’s rage for endless wars is the greatest threat to world peace, stability and security. Russia justifiably fears possible preemptive US nuclear attack on its territory. According to its General Staff deputy head of operations Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, “(t)he presence of American ABM sites in Europe... Continue Reading →

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