Sergey Lavrov’s Geopolitical Worldview

Sergey Lavrov’s Geopolitical Worldview
by Stephen Lendman
Lavrov is a world-class diplomat, a tireless pursuer of world peace and stability – shaming his Western counterparts.
In a March 23 address, he said misfortunes affecting Russia for centuries were “almost always” Western-sponsored.
Yet the nation today remains resilient, maintaining “an independent foreign policy,” part of what sovereignty is all about.
Respect for “inviolability of the stabilising foundations of international law unites Russia with most countries of the world,” Lavrov explained.
Its commitment to world peace and stability, along with “its advanced nuclear deterrent capabilities,” lets Moscow play an important geopolitical role when it’s most needed.
Global stability depends on strict compliance with rule of law principles, respecting the sovereign rights of all nations, without interfering in their internal affairs, Lavrov stressed.
Russia prioritizes establishing and maintaining “lasting peace and reliable, equal and indivisible security for all.”
When military force is used, “strict compliance with international (and domestic) laws” are observed, no deviations permitted the way US-dominated NATO operates.
Lavrov explained “not all countries in the world are so scrupulous in providing legal grounds for the use of military force.”
“We have noted cases of loose interpretations of the UN Charter and of removing any boundaries for designating something a threat to one’s own security.”
Clearly he meant Washington and its rogue allies, making their own rules, doing whatever they please, creating global chaos.
“Russia is pragmatic, not ideological,” said Lavrov. It doesn’t impose its traditions and values on other countries. It respects their sovereign rights.
It strictly observes UN Charter principles. Western breaches are at the heart of global turmoil. Its rogue allies share blame. EU failure to cooperate with Russia is disturbing.
“We are patient people,” said Lavrov. “(W)e will wait for our colleagues” to realize the error of their ways and rectify things.
Externally generated Middle East and North African turmoil risks “the annihilation of states and the regional map. (W)idespread chaos (is) conducive (to fostering) terrorism…”
“History shows that betting on hegemony and one’s own exceptionalism leads to greater instability and chaos.” America is Exhibit A.
Russia aims to be “a balancing factor in world politics. We do not favor confrontation or isolationism…(W)e will continue to advance a positive agenda in our relations with our partners and neighbors…”
“(T)here is no alternative to an independent, pragmatic and multi-vector foreign policy based on the consistent defence of national interests along with the simultaneous development of equal cooperation with all who are interested in reciprocating.” 
“All our actions are aimed at protecting our sovereignty and creating conditions for the peaceful and sustainable development of Russia and the Russians.”
If America was governed according to principles Russia respects, peace and stability would be prioritized over endless wars of aggression.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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