US War Crimes in Iraq and Syria

US War Crimes in Iraq and Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Wherever US forces show up, mass slaughter and destruction follow – notably ongoing in Iraq and Syria.
Russia requested a special Security Council session so members can be briefed on US terror-bombing of Mosul, specifically the March 17 strike, massacring hundreds of civilians.
Sergey Lavrov criticized what’s ongoing, harming noncombatants most, noting the March 17 incident “because of its scale,” he said.
“If one cannot establish for hours that the airstrikes are hitting the wrong targets, then such actions of the US military startle me, as” its technology can strike targets with pinpoint accuracy, hitting what it aims at, Lavrov explained.
What’s ongoing is irresponsible, polar opposite Aleppo’s liberation.
“A corridor was organized for all the militants, including the members of the terrorist groups” to leave the city safely, Lavrov explained. 
“Many (militants) seized this opportunity, thus reducing the need for the use of military force for the liberation of that part of the city” – life-saving measures prioritized.
US-led operations ignore them, daily war crimes committed. Russia is closely monitoring what’s ongoing. Indiscriminate US terror-bombing and Iraqi ground shelling are responsible for massacring large numbers of civilians.
Separately, head of Russia’s General Staff Main Operations Department General Sergey Rudskoy said “(w)e continue observing the international coalition’s actions on the territory of Iraq and Syria.”
The US-led coalition’s aim seems bent on “fully destroying critically important infrastructure facilities (in both countries), maximally complicating…postwar reconstruction.”
“The biggest concern is caused by (US-led) air strikes on the Euphrates Dam west of Raqqa” – the latest one on March 26.
Four area bridges were destroyed weeks earlier – two in Raqqa, two others in al-Kalta and al-Abbara.
Communications were cut off between northern and southern parts of the city.
US and Iraqi forces let over 800 ISIS terrorists leave Mosul. According to Rudskoy, “(w)hile the coalition keeps claiming that Mosul has been sealed off tightly, militants continue to leave the city to infiltrate into the area of Syria’s Deir Ezzor.”
US terror-bombing of Mosul has nothing to do with liberating the city or combating terrorism, everything to do with destroying it, blasting it to rubble, civilians harmed most of all.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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