Assad: US and Turkish Forces in Syria Are Aggressors

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March 11, 2017
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March 11, 2017
Assad: US and Turkish Forces in Syria are Aggressors
by Stephen Lendman
Forces in Syria without permission from Damascus violate core international law.
No nation may act aggressively against others except in self-defense – and only with Security Council authorization.
US and Turkish forces invaded northern Syria illegally. “We…consider them invaders, regardless of whether those forces are Turkish, American or from any other countries, Assad stressed during an interview with China’s Phoenix television.
He covered much more ground, including the issue of achieving results from peace talks after previous efforts failed.
Some elements represent themselves, he said. Others represent Western and regional countries wanting regime change. Some are terrorists wanting the same thing.
To be fruitful, dialogue should be “real Syrian-Syrian negotiations.” It’s not, but “we went to (talk) think(ing) any kind of dialogue” is better than none.
“(W)e didn’t expect Geneva to produce anything, but it’s a step, and it’s going to be a long way, and you may have other rounds, whether in Geneva or in Astana.”
The longer the delay in resolving conflict, the greater the bloodshed and destruction, Assad stressed.
Trump prioritized defeating ISIS. “We haven’t seen anything concrete yet” proving it, he said. Russia is committed to combating terrorism. America supports it.
Unless its policy changes, war could go on endlessly without resolution. Indications so far show it’s what America wants by increasing its military presence in the country, supporting anti-government terrorists, not combating them as claimed.
Turkey supports ISIS in Syria, said Assad. Erdogan is “ideologically linked and sympathetic with ISIS and with al-Nusra, and everybody knows about this in our region, and he helped them either through armaments, logistically, through exporting oil.” 
America “at least during Obama’s administration…dealt with ISIS by overlooking their smuggling the Syrian oil to Turkey, and this is how they can get money in order to recruit terrorists from around the world, and they didn’t try to do anything more than cosmetic against ISIS.” 
Among major powers, Russia alone is serious about combating ISIS and al-Nusra cooperatively with Damascus.  Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter and destruction follow.
Commenting on the White Helmets Oscar award, Assad called it “an unprecedented event for the West to give Al Qaeda an Oscar.”
“This is unbelievable, and this is another proof that the Oscars, Nobel, all these things are politicized certificates” – criminals rewarded for their crimes.
On Friday, Syrian forces reached the Euphrates River, close to Raqqa. Liberating the city is “a priority for us,” Assad explained, adding eliminating the terrorist scourge entirely is the top priority of all.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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