Mattis in Riyadh

Mattis in Riyadh
by Stephen Lendman
In Riyadh last week, Defense Secretary Mattis said “Iran’s destabilizing influence in the Middle East would have to be overcome to end the conflict in Yemen, as the United States weighs increasing support” for Saudi Arabia’s war, in its third year, backed by Washington, according to Reuters
“(T)he bottom line is we are on the right path,” Mattis blustered. No Iranian destabilization exists anywhere. 
He suggested greater US involvement in escalating Yemen’s conflict, instead of responsible efforts to end it – taking steps to address what the UN calls the world’s severest humanitarian crisis.
Millions face famine conditions. Relentless Saudi terror-bombing continues, including against hospitals, schools, mosques, civilian neighborhoods and other nonmilitary sites.
The death, injury and displacement toll far exceeds official estimates, willfully undercounted to mitigate the horror of what Yemenis are enduring – Washington and Saudi Arabia partnering in one of the world’s many great high crimes.
Iranian Defense Minister General Hossein Dehqan categorically denied US allegations that its military is sending weapons to Houthi fighters – responding to Mattis’ Big Lie.
At the same time, he denounced Washington’s support for “takfiri/Wahhabi terrorists…committing crimes…in Iraq, Syria (and elsewhere) with US (supplied) weapons and munitions.”
America continues waging naked aggression in multiple theaters, threatening war on other countries, Dehqan explained.
Mattis suggested a possible Trump visit to Riyadh. Both rogue states support each other’s ruthless agendas.
Straightaway in office, Trump escalated war on Yemen, perhaps further escalation coming, maybe prelude to confronting Iran militarily.
Mattis didn’t commit to specific greater US involvement in Yemen. According to Reuters, discussions in Riyadh involved greater Pentagon support, short of deploying large numbers of US troops, special forces alone so far, likely more coming.
Congress is hesitant about greater US involvement in Yemen. Earlier this month, 55 House members, mostly Democrats, asked Trump to end Washington’s logistical support.
If he intends stepping up US military action, they want congressional approval first – ignoring the illegality of all wars without Security Council authorization, not forthcoming for any Trump campaign, current or planned.
Senators also announced possible legislation, requiring the president to certify the impossible – that Saudis aren’t using US weapons to target civilians and nonmilitary sites, ignoring Pentagon terror-bombing doing the same thing in all US war theaters.
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